Winding Watch Safes

Collections are precious gems of the collector’s tenacity, perseverance and hard work. Whether you dally in exquisite art, rare artifacts or elegant watches and jewelry–a true collector knows the value of his pieces and wants to protect them. Most members of the haute horology culture would agree that a safe is the best bet of keeping their valuables secured.

Why Use A Watch Winding Safe?

Whether you wish to protect your complication, dress or chronograph watches you should consider putting them in a safe that is specifically caters to handling luxurious items such as high-end watches. But why use watch winders? In this day and age, most watches have automatic watch winders. They rely on the motion of the owner throughout the day to wind them. This scenario is perfectly fine if you own only one watch. However, for the person who is privileged to possess more than one of these beauties, a watch winder safe is a necessity rather than a convenience.

How Do They Work?

Watch winders can be custom made inside the safe of your choice. They can either run on batteries or an electrical outlet. You then attach your watches to them. As mentioned before, self-winding watches depend on the movements of their owners to wind them up. Therefore, if the watch isn’t being worn, then it will eventually run out of power. You would then have to reset the watch and all of its particular accessories. A watch winder eliminates this inconvenience because it mimics the movements of the wearer. It keeps the unworn watch wound up and ready to be worn at a moment’s notice!

Are They Safe To Use?

Your watch cannot be overwound by using a watch winder. Automatic watches are engineered with a device that prevents them from being wound too tightly. Your watch winder won’t be damaged either because after about 30 minutes of tuning up your timepiece, it will shut down. Your watches won’t suffer because 30 minutes of motion is all that is needed per day to stay wound.

What Are The Brands?

Not all safes with watch winder technology are the same. You have to consider the durability of the product, its design and practicality. For many collectors, the price is worth it–considering what they protect. Most importantly, does the system keep my watches precisely on time? Here is a brief listing of two brands of safes that offer this amenity.

  • Stockinger– Stockinger has been in the luxury safe business since 1978. They custom make your safes and cabinets to your specifications. That means that your safe can blend in with the decor of your bedroom! The inside is special as well–their Sattler-Beluwo tech will ensure that your watch winder will keep your watches in perfect working order.
  • Casoro– Casoro offers custom made safes that feature either their interval or advanced types of watch winder mechanics. The interval tech allows the watch to mimic the wearer’s movements, while the advanced tech allows the owner to set up how many times the winder will turn the watch per day! Both of these kinds of watch winders can operate on either AC or DC power sources.

If you only own one watch, then quite naturally, you don’t need a safe that has a watch winder feature. The hard-core collector would be hard-pressed not to secure her wonderful watches in a safe that will not only keep them secure, but running in tiptop form whenever she needs them.


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