Life Before And After Air Conditioners

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Most of us would probably find it difficult to live through the hot Australian summer without an air conditioner. They help to perfectly cool the room quickly and easily, allowing you to focus and function normally whatever the weather.

But have you ever stopped to think about life before air conditioners? We’re stepping back through history to compare life before and after air conditioners.

Water fountains

Going way back to the 1800s and 1900s, water fountains were a common way to stay cool. In big cities, water fountains were often built like large troughs, so that people could stick their head in when it got too hot.


This is a simple one. When it got too hot, people would simply grab some shade under trees. It was not uncommon to see people napping in the park, grabbing some relief from that hot sun when it got too hot.

The porch

We might all be used to running indoors when it gets hot, but when air conditioning wasn’t a thing, people would go outdoors. Porches were built to give some shade to the windows, but also so that people could sit outside, out of the glare of the sun, and hopefully find a breeze.

High ceilings

People used to build their houses in ways that would help to keep them cool. We all know hot air rises, so people used to build houses with high ceilings. This would help to get the heat to rise up, allowing people to keep cool down below.

Planting trees

Planting trees near the windows and doors of houses was common, in an effort to try and stop the sun from beaming in, and providing some much needed shade. The trees were also there to try and cool down any breeze that entered the porch area.

Life today

Today we’re lucky enough that we don’t even need to think about the heat. We can come indoors, switch on our air con and immediately feel relief. It’s interesting to look back and see the creative and inventive ways people went about cooling themselves down, but we think everyone should be investing in an air conditioner. If you’re looking to invest, then check out Carrier Air, a great air conditioner supplier, to help you stay cool in the hot summer months.





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