Criteria to apply for Social security disability insurance fund

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Social security disability insurance fund is financial help from USA government for those people who are physically and mentally unfit and cannot work anywhere to earn their living. There are many people in the country who ill in one way or other. Some people can be cured with medical treatment but there are also those people who have diseases or disabilities, which cannot be cured for whole lives, and those people keep bearing these problems. Social Security Administration is managing this fund.  Because of the very higher number of people require these funds Social Security Administration has approved a criteria to judge all the applicants whether or not they deserve the funds or not. There are two types of disability insurance funds SSA and SSDI and each have different policies.

Criteria to apply for SSA

The first condition is for the disability to stay at least a year or it is incurable. It is very important for the applicant to save all the reports or medical records; it will make the case more easy and strong. There are test from SSA to make sure that the disability is actually the one, which prevent the applicant from working. They will also check previous work history of the applicant to know if it is actually hard for him to work or not. They will also know whether they can find work at some new place or not.

Criteria to apply for SSDI

The SSDI funds are those, which are being paid from the payroll tax. Therefore, the applicant should have enough funds from previous work to qualify for this insurance fund. Those applicants who have paid Social Security taxes will get monthly payments of this insurance. The candidates also have a stable work history. For people who are under the age of 22 years can have less credit requirement and they can use their parents work credit in their application.

Criteria to apply for SSI

The criteria to apply for SSI fund is that the applicant must be over the age of 65, blind or have a permanent disability and their total family asset should be less than $3000.

Common reason for the application rejection

The applicant can hire a lawyer to submit the case for the claim of disability security funds. There are different types of lawyers some are specialist in disability related cases and some lawyers are specialist in SSDI or other security funds. Ypsilanti Attorney is best in dealing with such cases. Their success rate is much less than other lawyers or firms who are dealing with these cases. Many people apply for this type of loan but some applications are rejected. At least 60% cases are being rejected on first level of appeal. The very common reason for the applicant’s application being rejected is that they cannot prove that the severity of their disability. They do not have enough proves and documentation and some people do not even know what documents are required. This is why it is highly recommended to hire a lawyer to present the case. It is also important for the applicant to get treated from a doctor and keep all the records at hand.

The lawyer have the power to reject the case if he things that the applicant does not have a strong case. The lawyer’s fee is fixed from the government that is 25% of rewarded money. The lawyer cannot change more than $6000.


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