Nail Your Next Job Interview

Having an impending job interview can be a stressful time in your life. Whether you are applying for a better position or just need a foot in the door, trying to land the job you want puts a lot of pressure on you. When you are competing against other candidates, you need to have a way to stand out. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure that you leave a memorable and positive first impression.

The one tip that job seekers should consider is have a set of questions available that you can ask during the interview. Think of every interview you have been on, how many times have you been asked if you have any questions? It is probably a lot, and if you haven’t asked questions before, now is the time to start. Interviewers remember the people that ask questions, especially well thought out ones. Go beyond asking about salary and benefits. Ask to speak with the person who’d be your direct manager. Ask to sit with a team to see them in action. Even if the interviewer isn’t able to get you to meet or sit with someone, they will remember the candidate that wanted to sit with the team or meet the manager.

When you are on an interview you will want to be looking your best as well. While you don’t need to be wearing your best formal wear, as nice suit is something that you should invest in if you don’t have it already. You can find a good suit from Jos. A. Bank that will last a long time. Ideally, you’ll want to have more than one suit, but for an interview you’ll be fine with one. Make sure it is dry cleaned and wear it to your interview, you will want to impress. Hiring managers take notice of the people that do not respect the interview process, and one sign of that is dressing like it is an ordinary day.

An interview is your opportunity to make an impression. Pack a few questions with you and dress to impress. You will have already went through half the battle by the time you get to the office.

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