Pet Grooming Services Offered in Calgary NE

Like humans, pets also need proper and regular grooming to keep healthy, look nice and stay happy. In fact, proper grooming helps in improving a pets’ coat, blood circulation and their mental state. Fortunately, there are experienced pet groomers who are known to offer a variety of quality grooming services for different types of pets. Their grooming is normally done in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment.


Pet Grooming Services in Calgary NE

If you are in in Calgary NE, you can find reputable pet grooming centres that offer unparalleled pet grooming services. These centres have highly-qualified pet groomers who are committed to making your pet feel comfortable while it is being pampered, clipped, washed and trimmed. They provide professional and affordable pet care for pets in Calgary and surrounding areas. If you need help with animal bathing in Calgary NE, these experts can help. Some of the pet grooming services they offer include:

  1. Cat Grooming Services

Whether it is short-haired or long-haired, your cat needs proper grooming, as this improves blood circulation, prevents hair balls, removes matting, as well as dandruff, and keeps the cat’s coat in a healthy condition. During the grooming process:

  1. The coat of your cat is fully-prepared before bathing
  2. The cat is thoroughly washed using an all-natural shampoo that is specially selected for the animal’s colour and coat type

III. The coat is thoroughly dried

  1. It is then clipped to the style you have specified
  2. The ears are cleaned
  3. Toe nails are trimmed

VII. The hair between the cat’s pads is clipped and tidied

VIII. The cat’s coat is usually finished off using a scented coat-shine to give it a soft, velvety feel

  1. Dog Grooming Services

To help keep your pet clean and healthy at all times, these experts normally offer a range of dog grooming services for different types of dogs. During the grooming process:

  1. The dog’s coat is fully-prepared before bathing
  2. The dog is washed using a natural shampoo that is ideal for its coat type and colour

III. It is then dried thoroughly

  1. It is thereafter clipped with hand scissors, as per your style specifications
  2. The dog’s ears are also cleaned, the toe nails trimmed and hair between its pads tidied and clipped
  3. The coat is also well finished off using mainly a scented coat shine to give its coat the feel of velvet. The coat is also brushed to remove the undercoat and dander.
  4. Puppy School Training

Puppy classes are an excellent way to give your treasured dog the best start in life, as such classes enhance positive association, particularly during their imprinting age of 8 to 16 weeks. Here, the puppy not only socializes with other dogs, but also with people through positive reinforcement. Moreover, as the pet owner, you will also be teaching your puppy basic manners as you build a relationship and strengthen the bond between you and your puppy.

  1. Pet Shop

Besides providing comprehensive pet care, these centres also have pet shops that are stocked with a range of dog, cat, fish and bird accessories. For instance, you can get products such as studded collars, pet food, pet toys, crates and kennels, beds and clothing for your pet, flea treatment, grooming products and accessories, among other things.

The best thing is that these experts normally offer affordable pet grooming packages and they always pay attention to detail. If you are looking for pet groomers that offer the best animal bathing in Calgary NE, these centres can help.



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