Grease trap pumping with vacuum trucks in Calgary

Grease traps are an extremely important piece in restaurants and the food service industry in general. As the name implies, it traps grease so it doesn’t escape into pipes, or areas of the kitchen, where the grease should not be entering. However, if grease traps get too dirty, or too much grease isn’t properly flowing through the traps, the potential for a fire risk/threat is always prevalent. This is where proper grease trap cleaning comes into play. Instead of simply rinsing the traps or performing peripheral cleaning, hiring professional companies that employ vacuum truck services in Calgary and pumping to clean these traps, is a far superior option.
Why grease traps have to be routinely cleaned –
When performing grease trap cleaning, professional technicians rely on the use of vacuum trucks to pump the grease out of the traps. When grease traps are cleaned, not only do they help prevent the grease from accumulating, but also ensures grease won’t run into the sewers and drains within the infrastructure. In addition to helping reduce noxious odours, this also eliminates the potential for fire, smoke, and other threats in the kitchen area. It also ensures the restaurant has met safety guidelines and standards, to avoid being shut down.

How trucks can clean the traps –
Vacuum truck services in Calgary are a popular way to go about having the grease traps professionally cleaned. Basically, the trucks will collect the accumulated grease and sludge from the traps and remove this buildup from the grease trap system. Pumper trucks are equipped with powerful pump systems, which not only make cleaning the traps easier, but also reduce the total amount of time required to remove built up sludge and grease.

Driven by the diesel engine, vacuum trucks are equipped with steel vanes. When operated, the truck rotates these vanes, creating negative pressure, which allows for suction of liquid and semi-liquid buildup in the trap. A hose is placed in the grease trap, which allows the negative pressure to suck up this grease, sediment, and buildup, which makes cleaning the grease trap extremely efficient and simple for professional technicians to do.

Why use commercial trucks? –
There are many advantages to the vacuum truck services in Calgary as opposed to other, less powerful cleaning methods. Some of these include:
– Less time to clean the trap system.
– More powerful suction allows trucks to collect more liquid, semi-liquid, and even thick debris and buildup.
– Negative pressure removes all of the sediment and build up in the grease traps.

Cleaning is easier, it is far superior and is far more efficient for commercial restaurants and food service businesses. It is also going to reduce the overall cost of cleaning, since services don’t have to be performed as often as with other cleaning methods.

When grease traps need cleaning, the use of vacuum trucks is the best method for professional cleaning services. For businesses in the food industry, these are some of the many advantages of relying on professional technicians who are licensed to perform this type of cleaning.

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