Customs Services Offered in Vancouver

Whether you are just a one-time shipper or are running a multinational corporation that boasts of an extensive supply chain that involves a lot of importing and/or exporting, you need professional assistance in order to clear things with the customs department. This will save you a lot of time that you would have spent while trying to clear your shipment and transport your goods to the desired destination.


Customs Services Offered in Vancouver

If you are in Vancouver, you can find reliable customs brokerage firms that have specialized in providing a range of custom services for those individuals and organizations that are involved in importing and exporting of different types of goods and products. The specialists will help you to maintain port access and fulfill all the long-standing requirements that are demanded by the authorities. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Customs Brokerage Services

As professional customs brokers, they will guide your import through the entire customs clearance process in a quick and cost-effective manner. They can clear your shipments that are arriving at the Canadian port by any mode of transport, thus providing you with one point of contact right from the time of arrival up to delivery. Moreover, these professionals always strive to ensure that all the documentation is accurate and complete. If you need the best international customs brokers, these companies have you covered.

  1. Customs Consulting

The Canadian border legislation is quite complex. Fortunately these customs professionals normally provide trade consulting services, which will steer you through the main regulatory requirements for an export or import business. They can analyze the current transportation management practices and identify any potential improvements. Ideally, they can help you to implement an integrated solution that can improve your bottom line and smooth the entire flow of the supply chain.

  1. Integrated Logistics

Whether you manufacture your own goods or usually purchase them from a different manufacturer, these specialists can ensure that the goods are transported up to your customers’ doorstep in a quick and cost effective manner. The brokers normally offer integrated logistics solutions where they tie all their services together in order to offer you a more comprehensive package that is customized to your requirements. Furthermore, they can provide comprehensive door-to-door services for all your freight and customs requirements, too.

  1. Tradeshow Exhibitors

Tradeshow materials like exhibits and booths are normally classified as temporary imports, and hence, they can qualify for duty-free entry. The brokers will make sure that your tradeshow is registered with the country’s Border Services Agency. They can also coordinate transportation for each of your foreign exhibitors and ensure they move their materials in or out of Canada in a cost efficient and compliant manner. They will inform you and your exhibitors about documentation, labeling and packaging requirements.

  1. International Freight Forwarding Services

You can rely on an experienced freight forwarder in Vancouver as they always ensure that your international shipments are flowing smoothly, regardless of the distance and location. These professionals can design a complete logistics solution for you depending on your transportation requirements. They will work with you closely to find the ideal routes and modes of transport for your commodities at competitive freight rates. They will also ensure that your documentation complies with the relevant regulations, which can save you from penalties or delays.

Other services that are offered by these firms include, export, ship agency and motor vehicle importing services. They also offer a range of software solutions to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for reliable international customs brokers or the best freight forwarder in Vancouver, these companies can help.



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