5 of the Most Popular Event Rentals in Edmonton

When it comes to events, you can hardly throw a successful one without the help of event rentals. In so many cases, rentals are necessary for events if they want to have the proper layout and have everything run smoothly. Whether it’s temporary fencing in Edmonton or something else, here are five of the most popular rentals when it comes to events.

After all, if you are going to throw an event you should probably check to make sure that it turns out right! The way to do that is using reputable companies for your rentals. As for what you would rent when it comes to an event, read on to find out more.

5 of the Most Popular Event Rentals

1. Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing in Edmonton is so useful for events because it allows you to separate and define areas. You can create lines for people to wait in or a way to identify the area around the stage. Temporary fencing in Edmonton is easy to put up as well as take down and is much less expensive than other types of barriers or permanent fencing. It’s a way to define a space that is easy to pull off because of how light the fencing is.

2. Portable Toilets

If these event rentals were a player on a pro sports team, they would be the MVP! Portable toilets are always a must have for any big event. You could rely on the venue to help you out with their restrooms, but if they don’t have any or enough on hand then you are sorely out of luck. Check out porta pottys or other portable toilets for your guests’ needs and take charge of the situation.

3. Chairs and Tables

If you need chairs and tables for this event, go ahead and rent them! This is a service that many venues and events need to take care of from time to time. Chairs and tables are a must have for many events, while others can get away without having them. It’s up to you whether you will want to rent temporary furniture or you’re good without it. In any case, you just need to provide a small enough amount that will allow you to have what you need and still deal with the cost. Charity events frequently require lots of seating and round tables, so be sure to plan ahead.

4. Food and Drink Vendors/Servers

You may also find yourself in need of someone to either provide and sell drinks or just distribute them. It’s not necessarily what you’re renting but who you’re renting, so make sure to do some research to find reliable and experienced servers and vendors for your event to make sure it goes well. No food and no beverages make for very irritable guests.

5. AV Equipment

Whether you require a stereo, microphone system or display system and projector unit, sometimes you just need to rent the equipment you require. This will allow you to put up a projection screen to show clips, announce things on a microphone, or play music on a speaker. AV equipment is often one of the top things that people need in order to throw an event. Check out a rental store near you and see what they have available for your next event!

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