Not every electrician is qualified for the job – Know who to hire in Edmonton

Just because you find an electrical contractor that is licensed, bonded, and fully insured, who has been in the field of electrical services for 20 plus years, does not mean they are qualified to do every electrical job out there. As a matter of fact, there are many types of contractors you can hire when you need an electrical contractor to perform services in a commercial area or space. From rewiring, to installing new LED lighting, to upgrading panel boxes, or fixing circuit breakers, there are so many different types of services local commercial electricians in Edmonton can perform. With this in mind, customers have to understand the different types of electrical work, size of the commercial space, and the areas of commercial services a contractor specializes in, so they hire the right company for the job.
Electrician at work
Commercial work –
When hiring commercial electricians in Edmonton, you have to hire companies that only do commercial projects. This includes:
– Commercial buildings and office sites.
– Warehouse buildings.
– Retail stores, malls, boutique stores.
– Restaurants, diners, schools.

Because these commercial businesses and spaces are larger, have unique electrical structures and wiring, and require a particular type of wiring to be installed to properly function, only electrical contractors who are familiar with commercial services are going to be capable of properly performing the services which they need completed.

Commercial services –
From installing commercial-grade generators for backup power sources, to installing commercial LED lights, to performing repairs to breakers or circuit boxes, commercial jobs greatly differ from residential services. When it comes to hiring a company, not only should they have several technicians who specialize in these and other commercial services, but they should also have proper equipment in place to perform the work. Commercial businesses should also be familiar with the best safety practices used to protect technicians when working on commercial jobs, in order to prevent serious injury or death.

There are many different areas of commercial work a company might perform. This can range from installing a few new light bulbs, to upgrading to new energy efficient lighting, to upgrading a dated generator in a commercial retail space. No matter which of these services you need, or other commercial grade services have to be completed, it is extremely important that you hire a company that specializes in commercial work, and has licensed, specialized technicians who are ready to do the work which has to be completed in the commercial space.

With so many companies you can hire, not every single one is reliable and capable of performing commercial services. For this reason, commercial customers must take the time to compare commercial specialists in the field, before hiring a team of electric contractors to perform the services. This is the only way to know you are going to hire technicians, who are qualified to do the work, but are also familiar with commercial sized jobs, equipment, safety precautions, and have all necessary certification and credentials to perform the different services.

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