Good Carpet cleaning Goes Deeper Than the Surface – Get the Right Stuff!

You’re a prompt, friendly and professional carpet cleaner; but you’re learning the hard way that you don’t have sufficient carpet cleaning equipment to ensure that carpets are restored to an original health-hazard free state. Should you switch cleaning styles? What’s the most powerful but sensitive equipment you can buy?

Research is king when striking out to get the best carpet cleaning equipment. Knowing the different types of equipment available along with their features and functions will help you to determine which carpet cleaning machines would be most suitable for your business.

There are several types of carpet cleaning equipment; and several sub-types within those types. The two most-used methods of carpet cleaning are dry cleaning and hot-water extraction (steam-based cleaning). While both methods have their merit, steam cleaning is the more reliable of the two methods.

Dry cleaning methods are great for compound stain removal but do not guarantee a thorough surface-to-base rinse of the carpet. Steam cleaning machines use a pressurized system to break up the dirt, grime and human elements left in your carpet. Again, steam cleaning is the more dependable of the two methods.

If research is important when discerning what equipment to buy then it is doubly important to research which equipment providers to buy from. Does your prospective provider sell superior equipment? Do they just sell and dump the responsibilities of upkeep on you without offering help? Purchasing from a well-established and reputable company will ensure that the equipment you buy is effective, durable and long-lasting.

Types of equipment that are now available on the market include portable units and truck mounts. Portable carpet cleaning machines are designed for use in small to medium sized areas. They can be used by individual technicians for smaller and spot jobs. Truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment on the other hand, is known to be the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment. Truck-mounted equipment has the advantage of industrial-strength pressure as well as portable vacuum containers to safely do away with the harmful filth pulled from the carpet. These machines are ideal for businesses that require heavy-duty cleaning.

Carpet extractors are another common type of carpet cleaning machine, as are encapsulation carpet cleaners. Carpet extractors are designed for heavy-duty extraction and use hot or cold water along with thorough cleaning and rapid drying times to achieve a deep clean. Encapsulation carpet cleaners are unique due to the fact that unlike other carpet cleaners they use very little moisture and instead use a special solution along with powerful agitation for a professional quality clean.

With the extensive range of carpet cleaning equipment to choose from, such as portable carpet cleaning machines, truck-mounted systems, carpet extractors and encapsulation carpet cleaners, having the right knowledge is key. Making sure that you purchase equipment from a reputable company is just as important so in order to make the most informed choice for you and your business, it’s critical that you gather as much research and information as you possibly can.

Steamaster, run by Managing Director Tam Le, has been in business since 1959. Always innovating, Steamaster listens to customer suggestions and uses them to improve and move forward. Serious buyers of carpet cleaning equipment flock to the Steamaster team, not because of underhanded and pushy marketing, but because of word of mouth as customers give testimony after testimony to their superior equipment and services. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for innovative product development and solid on-the-spot machinery services. Steamaster provides both portable and truck-mount extraction carpet cleaning equipment to help you totally do away with the filth in your or your customer’s carpets.

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