Carpet cleaning – What are the Best Options and Methods?

It is a blissful experience to feel the warmth of plush carpets beneath your feet. But it is also a difficult task to maintain your carpet clean and spotless at all times especially if you are not aware of the various methods for carpet cleaning. It is important that you make yourself aware of the various cleaning methods as dirty carpets are not only visually unappealing but also unhygienic and bad for health.

The method of carpet cleaning that you choose should depend on the type of carpet or rug you have and also on its strength. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the best method for homes which have small children, pets or adults who prefer wearing footwear at home. It is also the recommended solution if you or anyone in your family suffers from any kind of allergies. It is best to get professional carpet cleaners if you intend to use this method as the temperature of water used to clean the carpets must be constantly maintained slightly above 180 degrees. Only at this temperature, all the microorganisms, dust mites and pet fleas get killed.

Low moisture carpet cleaning is another method and is best suited for those who regularly vacuum their carpets and rugs. But it is not recommended for homes with little kids, pets or allergies. The cleaner can either be sprayed or spread on the carpet using a spongy material and a rotary pad machine is then used to rub the carpet clean off any dirt and dust. This method is only advisable for surface cleaning but gives instant results making your carpet looking clean and good.

Rugs require a more extensive cleaning method unlike carpet cleaning as it is thicker and tends to accumulate more fine dust. A cleaning specialist will first hang the rug over a rope and then beat it using a special steel tool to remove most of the dust particles submerged in the rug. It is then completely submerged in a bath with an appropriate cleaning solution after which it is dried thoroughly.

It is best to hire a professional carpet cleaning service rather than doing it yourself at home; the service guys will have the necessary equipment and cleaning products which might be quite expensive for you to purchase. Also, if you have expensive carpets and rugs, these require specialized cleaning methods which will not be possible to undertake at home. But if you cannot afford the professional cleaners, then there are carpet cleaning products available in most department stores which can be used on a regular basis.

It is also important to vacuum the carpet regularly so that the fine dust is removed especially if you have small children and pets at home. Whatever method you chose, it is important that your carpet or rug is maintained clean at all times as it can harbor harmful bacteria which can adversely affect the health of your family.

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