Working of CNC Machine

The CNC machine encompasses a program allows cutting of the metal as per requirements. The extensive process of cutting is generally carried out efficaciously and the final proportions are stored into computer by forming program. By this, the computer exactly knows what should be done exactly and brings forth all the cutting processes.

A few of the widespread machine tools that run on cnc machining technique are as follows-

Mills– CNC mills are controlled using computers to hack diverse material. These mills are capable of translating programs with specific letters and numbers to shift in various locations and depth. Commonly many CNC’s use G code, a standard language of programming that are understood by CNC machinery, while others make use of proper languages produced by respected manufacturers. The formed proprietary languages are easier than G code but cannot be transferred to different machines. The mills include functions like tapping, drilling, face milling and many also provide turning. Typical linear mills often limited to 3 axis but others may also contain rotational axis. Currently CNC mills come up with 4 to 6 axes.

Lathes– machines which cut work pieces while rotation are known as lathes. These CNC lathe machines are competent to create quick and precision or fine cuts, using index able drills and tools. These are especially helpful for complex programs which are intended to create parts that would be hard to build manually. CNC lath also has comparable specifications of control to CNC mills and can interpret the G code alongside the proprietary programming language by manufacturer.

Plasma cutters– this involves cutting of material using plasma torch. Commonly this method is used to hack steel and many different metals. It can be also used on several different materials. In this procedure, the air that is compressed is released at very high speed through nozzle; simultaneously electric curve is shaped through the emitted gas to the surface being cut from the nozzle by turning little gas into plasma. This is very hot and easily blows molten metal away.

Water jet cutters– water jet cutter is commonly known as water jet is capable of slicing into metal or granites with the help of water at high velocity and pressure or with combination of water and harsh substance like sand. Water jet is the preferred method to cut sensitive materials which cannot stand higher temperatures. And so on…

Benefits of CNC machines

  • CNC machines can be continuously used all over day and year and occasionally switched off for maintenance purposes.
  • CNC machines are programmed with a design which can be manufactured several times. The manufactured product will be exactly similar.
  • The machines do not need expert professionals – no need of skilled engineers. Common people can handle CNC’s.
  • CNC machines are updated by improving the software which is used to drive machines.
  • Training to use CNC’s is available through virtual software, which allows operator to practice using CNC machine on the screen of computer. This is very much simple as a computer game.


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