Why Dinner Interviews Are Becoming More Popular

Interviews spent sharing meals are becoming more popular in the corporate world because of they come with many advantages. These interviews not only favor job seekers but also the recruiting panel. A dinner interview is more than a question and answer (Q&A) sessions. The session offers the interviewing panel an opportunity to learn more about the job seeker. It also allows the job seekers to understand what is expected of them if they are employed.

The interviewer will want to know how the job seeker can switch between being casual and professional. It is common for interviewers to keep switching between the two in order to determine whether you really the person they need. It give you the opportunity to ensure that they have proper dinner interview etiquette and are polite all around.  Here are reasons why dinner interviews are becoming more popular.

Allows interviewer and interviewee build rapport

A dinner interview offers the interviewers and interviewees to build closer and harmonious relationship. In the event that the job seeker qualifies for the job, you will not waste time trying to incorporate him into the organization since the interview will make him or her feel part of you. The bond created when you realize that you share the same values with your potential employer or employee.

The interview allows both parties to be interested in what each other is saying. In addition, it offers the job seeker to present more of his or her strengths. There are certain things that you cannot see in someone when you hold an interview but you will learn about them when you have dinner. Regardless of the industry, dinner interviews are ideal for building rapport.

Offers great opportunity to thoroughly assess the job seeker

It is common to realize that you offered a job to the wrong person. This is one of the reasons why many firms have opted to go for dinner interviews in order to create enough time to learn more about the potential employees. During a dinner interview, you can easily determine whether the job seeker will fit in your organization if employed. The session offers you with an opportunity to know whether the job seeker will fit in your organization.

There are many skilled persons who do not know how to relate well with others under certain situation. While conducting the interview, you will assess the skills, strengths and weaknesses of the person before determining whether she or he deserves the job. There are some job seekers who will walk away from the interview venue simply because you have delayed to arrive by ten or even less minutes. If she or he does such a thing then you can clearly see that the job seeker is not patient. Recruiting such a person can be a burden to the company. In addition, you can also find out whether the job seeker can follow instructions. Anyone looking for a job but he or she does not follow instructions will give you a headache if employed.

You have opportunity to dig deeper

During employee recruitment, you cannot afford to take chances. You have to ensure that you are recruiting the right persons into your business. A dinner interview offers interviewers with a chance to examine deeply whether the job seeker meets the requirements. Besides the skills and qualification, you will understand whether there is something extra you can tap from the person you are about to hire. Hiring someone with extra skills can be an asset to the firm.

You can read their body language

Communication is very important. While having dinner with the interviewee, it will be easy to determine whether he or she has the right communication skills. By looking at the way she or he eats and does other things at the table you will easily know the kind of person you are about to recruit.

You can test the candidate’s commitment

It takes time to know whether someone is committed or not. Many employees fake it until they make it only to realize they are not committed to their work. Dinner interviews allow the recruiting panel to test whether one is committed or not.

Offers a relaxed space for both employer and job seeker

A dinner interview provides employer enough time and creates a relaxed space for the sessions. It also makes the job seeker feel relaxed and respond to questions in the right manner.

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