Three Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Your Best Employee

During the hiring process, you know how to spot a future employee from an average interviewee.

According to Manwaring Web Solutions, an Idaho Falls web design company, the characteristics of a strong candidate might include adaptability, organizational skills and problem-solving capabilities.

You know what your business needs. So, why can’t your website be your best employee?

In 2017, the best decision you will make is to hire a responsive website design. A responsive website, like a strong employee, is adaptable, organized and problem-solving.


According to the Pew Research Center, 63 percent of adult search the web on their phones.

When a potential customer visits your website, what do they see? Do they see a clean, user-friendly design, or must they zoom and scroll to find information?

Your clients are no longer using just their computer to find you. Many future customers are using phones, tablets and other portable devices to find you. A responsive design creates a great user experience for users on all devices.

Professionals can convert your current website to become responsive, which allows your website to adapt to the sizes of various devices, thus creating a great user experience.


A great employee is able to perform at a high level because they keep their work organized. He or she will avoid misusing time and complete their tasks on time.

Just like a workplace, your website should be clean and organized.

A responsive website organizes your website on mobile devices and improves the consumer’s experience.

According to 2012 survey conducted by L2, aa mobile-friendly website might increase your business’s success.

It suggests a responsive design increases sales, improves brand awareness and enhances return rates.

Have you visited a page on your phone and zoomed in to find a button that takes you to yet another unorganized page?

An organized website increases productivity and makes your business more money.


Mobilegeddon was a major concern for web designers and web marketers at the beginning of 2015

A change was coming to Google’s algorithm, and it would change website ranking forever. Experts anticipated the change would be huge.

April 21, the change happened. Google officially began boosting mobile-friendly Web pages in search results, and non-mobile-friendly pages’ rankings fell.

Some sites already transitioned to become more mobile-friendly before the announcement. For the others, intimidation set it.

How would their business recover from Mobilegeddon?

Well, a responsive website is a solution to that problem. A clean, organized website that adapts to any device will rank well on Google searches.

To help, Google created a test that shows whether your site meets the requirements.

The Best Employee

As a business owner, you have high standards for the employees your hire to represent you and your brand.

An adaptable, organized and problem-solving employee is the perfect fit for your business. They will help increase your productivity and success of your business.

Besides your employees, your website should be a valuable member of your team.

With a responsive website, your website can become your best employee.



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