Things to Look For In Electrical Contractors in Coquitlam

One of the most dangerous projects that can be done in your home is electrical installations and repairs. However, each year homeowners make the bad decision of hiring unskilled people to do this work for them. This is mostly so that they can save a few dollars that they would have to use to pay professional electricians. That is always a mistake. Here are some things that you should look for when hiring electrical contractors in Coquitlam:

Electrical Knowledge

The main factor you want to look for when making your decision is proof of electrical knowledge. The best evidence for this is a license. You should never hire electrical contractors in Coquitlam who are not licensed. Remember, electrical aspects of your residence could cause serious issues if not properly installed or repaired. Licensure gives you assurance that the contractor you are about to hire has the right training and experience for the job. Licensing should be checked even when hiring industrial electricians.

Experience with the Specific Work

Another factor to consider when hiring both residential and industrial electricians is their experience with the specific task that you need completed. Ensure that the electrician has done a similar job successfully before. This can be proven by asking the electrician for references and actually contacting those references to ask about their experience with the electrician in question.

Bonded and Insured

Never hire electrical contractors in Coquitlam who are not bonded and insured. Basically, this means that if you suffer any kind of loss as a result of faulty electrical work by the contractor, you will get the necessary compensation. They just have to submit the claim to their insurance company. Otherwise, you will end up getting into an unending battle with the contractor, which might eventually see you taking responsibility for the loss.

While everyone hopes that nothing like that ever happens, there is always a risk when dealing with electrical work. Ensure that your electrician has both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. These policies cover any property damages and employees in case they get hurt while working on your property.

History of Consumer Complaints

In most places, you can easily use the Internet to check information about residential and industrial electricians to ensure that their record is clean. You do not want to hire an electrician with a long history of client complaints. That is another reason to hire a licensed electrician. You cannot check the history on an unlicensed contractor. The complaints you will be looking for include: not offering quality work, not meeting deadlines and behaving in an unprofessional manner.

Good Chemistry

Chemistry is not just vital for personal relationships. In business, you should have excellent chemistry with the experts you are going to be working with on a particular project. That means you need to meet with multiple electrical contractors in Coquitlam before making a hiring decision. If you do not feel comfortable with a professional before hiring them, imagine how hard it will be when you have a problem and need to discuss it with them.




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