The Top Factors to Remember to Make Your Exhibition Stand a Complete Success

Joining an exhibition or trade show is the way to go for many companies. In fact, it has been done for years, and some businesses make it a regular aspect of their enterprise’s operations. Joining a trade show or exhibition has been proven to work, that’s why. But if you are joining an exhibition or trade show for the first time, you need to take care of some factors that play a crucial role in making your participation a complete success.

What works, and what doesn’t: top factors to remember to have a successful exhibit

Keep your space clean and clutter-free

Remember that you will be imparting an impression when you join an exhibition or trade show, and this impression can either be good or bad. It’s up to you what kind of impression you’d like to make. But remember this: it’s not only about the beauty of your exhibition stand and display. It’s also about keeping your allotted space clean and clutter-free. Even if you have the most beautiful and high-quality exhibition stand and roll up banners, you can still make the wrong impression if your space is messy and disorganised.

imageDiscard any paper refuse and hide papers that aren’t necessary. Half-drunk coffee cups, sandwich and candy wrappers, and the like are a no-no as well. But apart from trash and paper clutter, a staff that looks bored out of their minds should be avoided. If your staff is bored, have them go around the venue and look at what the competition is offering. You can also have them stand at the venue’s entrance and distribute brochures and leaflets.

Keep yourself and your staff focused

An exhibition or trade show is your chance to shine. But how can you shine if you aren’t focused enough on the job at hand? The same is true for your staff. You and your staff should be alert at all times. Avoid distractions such as smart phones and tablets or books, and keep conversation amongst yourselves to a minimum. Keep an eye on passersby, note which ones look interested, and try to engage them.

Set a good balance

Whilst it’s important not to keep your space cluttered, it’s also important not to keep it too bare, either. Avoid putting too many products or items on display, but there should at least be something to fill in space gaps. There should be a good balance between clutter and having a booth that is too bare. Also, you have to make sure to use the right exhibition stands – and the right lighting for them, as exhibition stand suppliers such as confirm. Make sure your displays, be it roll up banners or pop up banners and so on, are placed at a good angle to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

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