The Process Involved In Variable Frequency Drive Repair in Lethbridge

A variable frequency drive, also known as an AC drive, is a reliable device that is used to provide power and control the speed and torque of electric motors in Lethbridge. Like any electrical device, AC drives also undergo issues of wear and tear as a result of prolonged use, overvoltage, negligence by the owner, or breakdown of some components. Timely maintenance can make sure such problems are avoided, but ultimately, a variable frequency drive will be used to a point when it will require repairs to continue being effective. Service companies can repair AC drives and have them in full working order in a few days. There is a general process that is followed by most of these companies when it comes to AC drive repair.


Drive Inspection

The repairman first performs a visual inspection of the AC drive. This allows this expert to determine what the issue might be. It also helps them to decide whether the drive needs repair or replacement. Accordingly, the service provider can offer you a quote detailing the cost of the repair.

Establishing the Source of the Problem

When the variable frequency drive is taken to the repair shop, hardware engineers check it in detail and all the components that are connected to it. They also conduct troubleshooting tests to locate any faulty components. After the faulty components have been located, the AC drive will have to go through the necessary repairs and replacements.


After the drive and all its components have been repaired, the engineers put it through different efficiency tests. Besides, they run the drive for some hours to make sure it will not break down after it is returned to the owner. This helps them determine how effective the repairs were.


All engineers know that dust is the largest adversary of all electrical products. AC drives are no exception. Therefore, the engineers thoroughly clean the drive and its components, getting rid of dust particles or any other contaminant that might have gotten into the drive.

Service Report

As part of the AC drive repair process, service companies give the drive owner a service report that contains the details of the problem, and the steps that were taken to fix it. To make sure that such issues do not recur, these service centres also give their clients tips to maintain their drive.

There are a number of benefits that are associated with taking your AC drive to a service facility for repairs. First, an authorized service centre uses authentic parts in the repair process. You can check the authenticity of the product by checking the holograms on the product.

Another benefit is that the repairmen are trained to handle the equipment cautiously and conduct comprehensive inspections. AC drive service companies do not just employ anyone for the job. They ensure that the repairmen are all well trained in this field.

Getting variable frequency drive repairs from a reputable service centre is very beneficial. The technicians follow an efficient process and return the drive to you almost as good as new. Remember, electric motors in Lethbridge require fully functional drives to run optimally.



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