The Biggest Benefits of a Waterless Car Wash

Are you getting ready to wash your car?

You may be thinking about going the traditional route and using soap and water to wash down your vehicle.

While this is certainly an effective way to clean your car, it’s not necessarily the best way to make this happen.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a lot easier to clean and wax your car when you’re using waterless wash and wax cleaning products.

According to Aero, waterless wash and wax online product vendor, “Wash Wax ALL can be used two ways: as a “waterless wash,” by spraying it directly on the dirty surface, and then wiping it off, or it can be used as a “wax as you dry” product.”

Why is this better?

Well, you get to clean and wax your car at the exact same time. So you’re going to save yourself hours of time and you won’t even need to buy additional wax.


But this is only one of many benefits of the waterless car wash.

To help you understand the true power of this car cleaning method, we will share other important benefits with you now.

Saving Water

On average, when you wash a vehicle at home or in a car wash, you are going to waste around 20 to 50 gallons of water for each vehicle being washed.

In many parts of the US, we are constantly experiencing droughts. So it might not be a good idea to regularly wash your car and waste water. This is especially true now that there is a much better alternative.

In fact, we recommend a waterless wash because you’ll never have to waste a single drop of water this way.

And this is great for two reasons:

  •         you don’t have to waste a single drop of water
  •         you’ll save money on your water bill

Clearly, this is one powerful benefit to using waterless wash and wax products instead of washing your car with water.

Saving Time

We all lead busy lives.

We have to get the kids to school, ourselves to work, we have to pick the kids up from school or be home to make sure that somebody’s there to get them off the bus, and we have to do a million other things throughout the day.

Do you really have so much free time that you can separately wash and wax your car?

For most of us, it would be a miracle if we could find the time to do even one of these things.

Life has gotten a lot easier now that waterless washing and waxing products are readily available.

You’re going to save a ton of time cleaning and waxing your car this way.

The old way requires you to wash your car first, dry it, and then apply the wax.

The new way is better because you don’t have to dry your car since you aren’t using any water, and you are cleaning and waxing it at the exact same time.

If you’re looking to save time, a waterless car wash is definitely the way to go.

Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning


Your car gets a much more thorough cleaning during a waterless car wash as opposed to washing the traditional way.

How so?

The solution will remove much more than dirt. It will also remove tree sap, bugs, scuff marks, and more.

Before you know it, your car is going to look completely immaculate, shiny, and 100% spick and span.


You can continue wasting time, money, and water by washing your car the traditional way. Or you can take advantage of the benefits of a waterless car wash.

We prefer the second option and hope you will too.


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