The Advantages of Joining a Union in British Columbia

Unions are all about helping their members at work. The people involved in the union believe that every aspect of working life should be subject to discussion and agreement between employees and employers who are organized together under the union’s protection. Trained union representatives lead this initiative, offering help to members.

Very few professional athletes and even few age group athletes will ever experience something like the Solaraberg Hill at Challenge Roth Race Day  2013

Very few professional athletes and even few age group athletes will ever experience something like the Solaraberg Hill at Challenge Roth Race Day 2013

Some professionals feel that unions are for blue collar, as well as other low paid workers, but this is a misconception. Professionals are also employees who have similar problems as other workers, and need a union. High-tech employees or registered nurses, for instance, require a chance to do their job well: a manageable workload, sane hours, the guarantee of fair benefits, a decent wage, protection from unfair treatment, recognition of skills and respect. As such, it is important for every professional to join a professional union.

The reality is professional employees are more and more losing control over their work lives. In environments that are non-unionized, most decisions concerning the benefits, working conditions and wages for professional employees rest entirely with the management. This leads to conflict between the professionals concerned and management. Belonging to a professional union provides advantages in that the union supports the professionals and advocates on their behalf. If you are still wondering whether or not you should join a union, consider the following benefits:

Collective Bargaining

This occurs when a group of people bands together to increase their negotiating power. For example, a single employee might feel that a certain new safety measure needs to be implemented in their factory, but they might have limited power to get the company to implement the new measure. But, if the whole workforce pressures the company about the need for the new safety measure, there is a greater chance that the company will comply.

Health and Safety

A union helps its members to be held to high standards when it comes to health and safety. You are sure to enjoy work health benefits in British Columbia if you join a union at work. These unions ensure that all members are protected and issued with the right resources and equipment to avoid possible injuries.

Job Security

Workplaces that are unionized tend to have far lower employee turnover, giving a worker the benefit of experienced employees and an incentive to invest in skills of these employees, knowing that they are not likely to leave the firm. If you are unfairly laid off, the union is always ready to fight for you. This is beneficial to both professionals and workers in lower paying jobs. Joining a professional union also offers you this advantage.


Joining a professional union with your colleagues at your workplace offers several benefits. On the job, the union brings together the collective strength of employees to ensure meaningful negotiations with management. Negations are not limited to just salaries and wages, though. They can also include staffing and overtime, provisions for continuing education, cost of living raises, equitable promotion systems, transfer policies, vacations and adequate pensions. With a union membership you also get to enjoy great work health benefits in British Columbia.


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