Registry offices – Services offered to locals in the Calgary area

Whether visiting a registry office in Calgary for corporate registry, license and vehicle registration, or to find local vital statistics, there is more than one local office you can visit. With this in mind, certain registries in Calgary offer a wide range of services to local clients, allowing them to perform all of these, and any other registry services required, in one place.
Services offered –
When choosing a local registry office in Calgary to visit, it is important to know what services are offered in the office, to ensure you won’t have to drive around town, or visit several subsequent offices, just to file a document. Some services which local registries in Calgary might offer include:
1. Vital statistics – These services include registration of birth or death certificates, marriage licenses or certification, geneaological searches, or proof of single status.
2. Corporate registry – Services include incorporating a business. From getting help with filing paperwork, to submitting required documents, to paying fees, you can perform all of these aspects of incorporation when visiting the registry.
3. Driver’s license – Renewal, application, license testing, commercial licensing, etc.

Registries in Calgary can also assist individuals who need to register land, require titles to land, or require assistance with healthcare services. Again, not every registry office is going to offer each of these services, so it is important to understand what your local registry offers prior to visiting one for these, or other service needs.

What do you have to bring? –
In most instances, you are going to have to submit documentation, paperwork, or ID for the registry agent to assist you in any way. The documentation required includes: passport, photo ID (driver’s license), proof of income (depending on licenses being requested), proof of residency (bills, address, pay stubs, etc). Before visiting the local registry, it is easy to find this information online, as well as any other information pertaining to the documents, paperwork, or fees you are going to have to pay when visiting the registry office. In order to avoid more than one visit, it might also be a good idea to call ahead for specialty services, to make sure there is a registry agent in the office that can assist you during your visit.

Fees/costs –
Whether applying for a passport, requesting a death certificate, or incorporating a business, there are typically service fees and filing fees which have to be paid. In order to ensure you know what these fees are, make sure you check with your local registry office prior to visiting. Also, make sure you know what payment forms are accepted (check, cash, credit, etc) to avoid issues or processing delays if you do require expedited services when visiting your local registry office.

There are several reasons you might have to visit a local registry in Calgary. But, if and when you do, you want to make sure you visit the right office. Therefore, before visiting, it is a good idea to call ahead, find out what services are offered, and find out if there is an agent who can assist you with the specific services required.

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