Modular Platforms Offer Innovative Options for Worker Safety

Over the course of any construction project it is important to maintain worker safety while creating safe areas to work. Modular platforms offer a creative solution for companies to quickly and easily bridge work areas.

What Are Modular Platforms?

As the name suggests, a modular platform is a platform that is customized to the need of the project and quickly assembles with modular components. These components may include such items as hand-rails, steps, ladders, tower support, and the physical platform. Components are quickly bolted together to provide safe access over obstacles like pipes, drainage ditches, dike walls, or landscaping elements.

How Many Options Are There?

Depending on the company selected, there may be multiple heights for ladders and steps. The platform base is usually expandable to allow for a fully customized experience. Additional support components may be needed as more platform, stairs, and ladders are added; many ladders and steps can interlock with one another to accommodate the needs of each individual job-site.

What About Safety?

Modular platforms are available from an array of companies that have earned OSHA approval for platform safety. The representatives of the platform company can speak to what is required to keep all components safe with sufficient support structures and hand rails. By using aluminum as the base metal in building, modern modular platforms achieve a stable yet versatile way to plan a construction or work site.

Where Are They Used?

Due to the variety of assembly options available, modular platforms can be seen in many industries. In the energy sector, a modular platform can be used to allow walkways over generators and fuel tank areas. In the industrial sector, the ability for the metal platforms to withstand the elements allows for maintenance free access to hard-to-reach factory areas and outside equipment storage. When used on a rooftop, the platform can be joined to the structure in such a way to maximize the load bearing of the unit and keep free of sensitive pressure points on the roof construction.

How to Learn More?

The leading providers of modular platforms offer a quick view of the way the product can be online, but it can be more beneficial to request a catalog or a site visit from a platform professional. That way the intricacies unique to the job site in question can be ascertained and the best inform

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