Local MP hunting down the blockages in the sewer network

The Leader of Harrogate Council Richard cooper along with Andrew Jones AP went out to inspect blockages on the streets last Friday and they were not alone, Yorkshire Water’s engineers were seen helping them in their hunt.

In the last two years there were around 200 sewer blockages that were cleared and this thing made Harrogate a hotspot of sewer blockages. The wet wipes seemed to be the main culprit behind all the problems in the sewer network of Harrogate. These blockages are a reason that houses and gardens get flooded and, even pollute the becks and rivers.

Yorkshire Water is running an awareness campaign in the area telling people about the items that could be flushed easily and those that are unflushable. The campaign stresses on 3Ps down the loo-that is pee, poo and paper. They will be conducting education sessions at the schools, advising people through text messages and talk about the problems that canbe caused by unflushables.

Last Friday Andrew Jones MP and Cllr Cooper joined Network Engineers Oliver Escreet and Andy Dignam who hunt for blockages on Yorkshire’s sewer network and help keep it maintained. The visit involved putting a CCTV camera down the sewer to see if there were any blockages and check for any defects. Oliver and Andy also talked through their high tech kit and what they do to help keep sewers flowing in Harrogate.

It was announced by Yorkshire Water that they will be spending 1.1 million on a specialist team that will maintain the region’s sewers. The new 22-strong team will always be there to overcome any problem with the sewer network and clear up all the blockages using high the gadgets, high pressure water sprays and suction pumps. The specialist team will be comprised of highly trained professionals and they will boost Yorkshire Water’s abilities to protect local businesses, watercourses and households.

Lee Pitcher, Head of Waste Water Services at Yorkshire Water said: “The sewers of Harrogate have been getting blocked up with allsorts; flushable wet wipes, thick toilet paper, fat, sanitary items, bricks and even a plank of wood! We proactively check on problem areas such as the street we visited with Andrew Jones MP and Cllr Richard Cooper where we’d previously found a plank of wood down a manhole. However we can’t keep an eye on everything that goes in our sewers and that’s why we’re asking residents to help us keep them running clear and blockage free to reduce pollution and flooding incidents.”

Andrew Jones MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough said “It was very interesting learning more about what Oliver and Andy do on a daily basis to protect homes from flooding and watercourses from being polluted in Harrogate. After seeing how small sewers actually are its inevitable that wet wipes and other unflushable items could cause a serious problem very quickly if they build up. We can all play our part to help protect our homes, gardens and the local environment by not flushing wet wipes, sanitary items and rubbish down the loo.

“It was great to see the advanced technology that Yorkshire Water is using to find these blockages and help minimise disruption when fixing these sorts of issues.

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