Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop developer workshop

The main focus of the Big Data and Hadoop developer workshop is to convey an in depth knowledge of big data processing using Hadoop. The workshop includes real life projects which would give you an exact knowledge about the course. A number of case studies would be done in which you can get exposure to all kinds of real world problems. These case studies would help you to be flexible towards any sort of future problems. It helps you to be familiar with the risks and solutions involved. The course provides two features which are:

  • Mastering Hadoop tools:The Hadoop framework provides a knowledge which includes HDFS, MapReduce and YARN. It provides the skills to process and analyze larger data sets which are stored in the HDFS with the use of pig, Impala and Hive. It helps you to master the data ingestion with the help of the Hadoop tools like Flume and Sqoop.
  • Mastering actual data processing: Attending our Big Data and Hadoop workshop you will learn how to do functional programming using Spark. You can implement the Spark applications and understand the parallel processing of the data with the help of this Hadoop tool. You will be able to do interactive algorithm with Spark after this workshop. You will be efficient in using Spark SQL for transforming and querying data form.

Objective of Big Data and Hadoop workshop

The workshop would enable you to:

  • Understand the different tools of Hadoop such as Hadoop 2, MapReduce, Pig, H-base, Flume, Spark, Hive, YARN and Sqoop.
  • Understand MapReduce tool and its characteristics, and gain advance concepts of MapReduce.
  • Understand different kinds of File formats, Sqoop and Avro Schema evolutions.
  • Do functional programming in Apache Spark.
  • Understand the HDFS and YARN with their architectures, and use them for storage and resource management.
  • Create database in Hive and Impala, and use them for partitioning purpose.
  • Learn Spark SQL for creating and transforming data frames.
  • Preparation of Big Data CCA175 certification.
  • Access the Java Essentials for Hadoop.

Who should attend the workshop?

The Big Data and Hadoop career is on the upsurge; this workshop is for the following professionals:

  • Senior IT professionals
  • Data management professionals
  • Project managers
  • Data scientists
  • Testing professionals
  • Main Frame Professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Software developers
  • Architects

 Advantages of attending the workshop

Hadoop has been found very much valuable for the following advantages it provides:

  • Cost Effective:Hadoop offers a storage solution for business data sets in a cost effective manner. It makes an effort to reduce costs, in effect many companies had to down sample data and classify it on certain assumptions as to which the data would be most valuable.
  • Fast: Hadoop uses a unique distributed file system that maps data when located on a cluster. It results in much faster data processing. Hadoop can also be used for different other uses such as data warehousing, market campaigns and fraud detections.
  • Scalable: Hadoop can store and distribute a large number of data sets as it has a very high scalable storage platform.

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