Guide on How Does Desalination Process Works

Desalination is a type of water filtration technique designed to effectively remove salt from the seawater so that it is fit for drinking. Desalination provides a new source of fresh drinking water supply because the seawater can never be exhausted. The sea will always have water even during the drought. Apart from being used as drinking water, the water can be used for watering the crops and livestock, and washing things.


Desalination has been implemented in many areas in the USA. For example Poseidon Water is currently in the process of constructing a desalination company in Carlsbad nearby to Huntington Beach in California. They serve as a long term solution to chronic water crisis.

Desalination not only remove salt but it also remove harmful chemical substances and dirty particles. It will also kill the bacteria that contaminate the water. Desalination is not only useful for areas nearby to the ocean but also in areas that lack access to fresh and clean water such as desert.

The cost for reverse osmosis desalination is getting cheaper so more and more people are able to afford it. Desalination is the most cost effective method to provide water supply for a factory or tourism site that is located within close proximity to the sea. The cost will depends on the level of saltiness of the water. The more salty the water, the higher the cost of the desalination process.

Desalination is an environmentally friendly method to draw fresh water supply. Many streams have become exhausted to the point that it will cause harm to the ecosystem if human beings continually draw water from them.

There are a lot of rivers and streams that have been abused with mankind over drawing the water. Salt water can save the world from the problem of water scarcity because ocean accounts for more than 70% of the earth.

Seawater that has been treated will be just the same as the bottle drinking water for sale at the store. Desalination process uses a semi permeable membrane with many tiny holes that are only large enough for the water to go through. Particles and single cell organisms will be trapped behind the membrane.

Some desalination plants use distillation process to separate the salt and harmful content from the seawater. Distillation involves boiling the water so that the salt is removed naturally through evaporation.

It is healthier to drink treated water compared to fresh water drawn directly from the stream. Drinking treated water can help you to recover faster from your sicknesses. Desalinated water is suitable for people with weak immune system and sensitive to germs. You will see a significant improvement on your health if you consistently drink desalinated water.

The increase in the world population also increase the demand for clean water supply. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of industries and hotels that are starting turn to desalination plant to provide fresh water. Desalination only consumes very little energy and uses an energy that is lesser than < 2 kW/m3.


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