Considering a floor machine: the advantages

Many companies and public spaces have a large area with hard floors that must look pristine.  High traffic areas are prone to dirt and grime and should look clean and presentable with a short turnaround time.  Purchasing a commercial floor machine to clean large floors can have several benefits including better overall efficiency and creating a cleaner end product.  Below, we have listed some advantage to a commercial floor cleaner.

Better Performance:

A floor machine will provide a much cleaner surface than using a conventional mop and bucket.  The floor scrubber is designed with specialized scrubbers that are used to chip away built up dirt, grease, and grime that collect on hard floor surfaces such as laminate and tile flooring.  By utilizing the floor scrubber and its technology, you are able to save valuable time and effort you would normally have to exert by cleaning by hand.  The commercial floor scrubber is able to spray both a chemical cleaner and a small amount of water to clean away dirt in a more efficient manner.  The floor scrubber is then able to scrub away the dirt leaving a shiny and clean floor.

Quick Drying Times:

Because the commercial floor cleaner uses so little water, the floor takes a much shorter time to dry compared to using a traditional mop and bucket.  This means that in a busy public area, the floors will have a faster turnaround time before they are able to be used again.  This can be key in high traffic areas where there might be a short amount of time that the space is closed to the public.  Or, in places like hospitals or hotels that stay open 24 hours, a short drying time is desirable to keep the floors operational.  Plus, the less time hard surfaces stay wet, the safer they become, lessening the possibility of slips, trips, and falls that can happen on wet floors.

Easier Process:

Most commercial floor scrubbers are very user friendly and just about anyone is able to use them.  The floor machines come with a selection of settings the user can choose from to get just the right appearance for the floors.  Plus, a commercial floor machine will do most of the work, making the actual amount of effort exerted by the user quite minimal.  Depending on the model of commercial floor scrubber purchased, some are even available in a ride able option.  Regardless, when comparing either a traditional push floor scrubber or a riding commercial floor scrubber to a conventional mop and bucket, you’ll find the machine does most of the work for you.  Additionally, when comparing the time it takes to clean a large area, commercial floor scrubbers are able to clean a much larger area in a shorter amount of time.  Having a commercial floor scrubber will make any floor cleanup faster and more efficient.

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