Car Dealerships of Brandon Stephen and His Interest in Poker

Brandon Steven is a simple man driven by his strong connection with the community. His successful business ventures have earned him many awards and due to his tendency to help people and serve in a better way, whether it is a car sale or a community program. In recent years he used his ability of poker playing for fund raising to help needy.

Business Ventures

He is successfully running car dealerships in 10 unique locations. He has a wide selection of Jeep, Subaru, Toyota, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Scion and Volvo. You will be overwhelmed to see the options available when you go for a car purchase. They say that variety is the spice of life and you have a lot to go around with Brandon Steven Motors. They do not only have new cars and trucks, but they also have a wide selection of used models. The staff at Brandon dealership is driven by customer satisfaction. Sometimes people get confused with the different options available at Wichita dealership. They also have online shopping tools to facilitate those customers who don’t have time to visit their dealership physically. These people can opt for virtual shopping tools to get detailed information about every vehicle available in the stock.

Their technical staff makes it sure to check every used car in detail. They check the quality of pre-owned vehicles inside and out to make sure that the customers don’t face any kind of after sales problem. Their goal is to ensure that your purchased car serves you properly in the coming years without any hassle.

Recently, Brandon and his brothers purchased the Wichita Thunder and they turned the tide in their favor. When they purchased this company, it was doing horribly, but now you can see the difference.


When you are visiting a car dealership to purchase a new car or a used car, the matter of finance always has been a cumbersome task to solve. Do you have a good credit or bad? Luckily the team of financial center is well versed to deal with the different types of credit situations. They will find a suitable arrangement for you which will bring results. You will drive off from their office not only with the car with a smile on your face. This has become possible because of the sound knowledge of the staff members about finance.

Service Center

You don’t need a service center only when you face a breakdown. You can also book a routine maintenance on their website for an oil change, alignment setting, wiper repair, tire rotation and other problems as well. You just need to schedule an appointment and drive in. Brandon staff will give you as fast service as they can and in case your vehicle is in need of some other components; they also have a stock for the same.


Brandon Steven said when he was working 16 hours a day with his brother, they played poker not for money, but because it worked as a stress reliever. According to him it is a mind provoking game and requires a good amount of competitiveness. He does not feel good when he sees people losing money while playing this game.

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