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Internet has changed the way the business is conducted, hence we have online marketing, which differs dramatically from its previous forms.

Business Must Have an Online Presence

The advent of the internet has changed the way of life for most people in the world. It is a period in life where almost three-quarter of the world has access to the internet, and it is considered as one of the biggest inventions of the past century. The access to the internet has changed the manner in which business is done, regarding transaction and marketing. The traditional mode of marketing and doing business is becoming less attractive as more people prefer the convenience that is provided by the existence of the internet services.

It does not matter the kind of business individual deals in, whether goods or services, the internet has to come in handy. The online platform has made it for business people to communicate and transact, it means that most people prefer this mode as it makes it efficient to get whatever they need. No one will move ten miles to buy a good or service when they can access it within a click of a button.

Electronic business, commonly known as the e-business has made life easier. When we think of great entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, they have made their business great through the internet and online presence. The brick and mortar businesses are under threat because the world is turning to online shops for most of the services that they need. It is not feasible to fuel a car, or pay bus fare to the shopping malls when it is possible to get the same services from the computer while at home.

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The service industry transactions have not been left behind regarding online services. The medical world is leading the way with online services where doctors can meet the patients through Skype and other services, and make a diagnosis without having to move to the hospital. Hotel and transportation services have their services and location maps posted online, making it easy for a customer to access and book a hotel room before making the actual visit.

Uber is a virtual taxi company which has built its presence through the online platform. The company provides its services through the online application that its customers and drivers can access. Uber started without owning any of the cars in its application; it only offered a platform for the customers to find a driver. A simple idea has been made a great business venture through the creation of an online presence.

Marketing of businesses has changed. The traditional forms of marketing may not work as expected in the current business world. The mode of communication that worked in the past are no longer considered being popular as they used to be. The generations are changing, and the current groups that are targeted by marketing advertisements are acquainted with the use of internet services rather than radio, television, and newspapers.

The millennials have replaced the baby boomers, and unlike the latter, they are digital natives. They have grown with the internet, smartphone, and social media; they didn’t have to learn how to use them since it has been part of their life. Studies have shown that the Millennials and the generation x do not respond to the traditional forms of advertising the same way as the baby boomers. The new generation is used to the interactive form of media, one that they can easily interact with. Anything that is static does not work for this group of people.

The millennials will make up the entire market in the next few years, and any business has to understand this fact and put it into consideration. Millennials will respond to authenticity. When this group of people is connected to each other through the social media, they will find their network. When a Millennial is looking for a product, they don’t go with what they have seen in the advertisement. They go into the online platform, interact with their network and find out the most appropriate good or service that has satisfied any of their connections in the past. If one is not in a position to get such information through their connections, they simply log into the website of the company offering the goods or services and then go through the reviews. The reviews will provide actual responses from people and not promotional gimmicks from the marketing department.

It is evident that no business can survive in the current market without shifting from the traditional form of gaining a presence. A business will gain its market presence in this century through finding its online position. It is the best way to carry out the daily operations and to market the goods or services being sold.

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