An Alternative to School Suspension



If your child is having behavioral problems in school, then you probably already know how difficult dealing with suspension can be. Whether it’s in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension, your child is spending time away from the classroom, and therefore missing out on a great deal of learning that’s taking place. This causes them to fall behind the rest of the class, potentially leading to more behavioral issues. In some cases, suspension does more harm than good, which is why, as a parent, you might want to discuss some student suspension alternatives with your school’s authority.

Recently, a number of positive behavior support interventions have become available to students, teachers and parents across the country. Rather than simply attempting to punish your child’s existing behavior, these programs are designed to really address the issue, and teach students alternatives of dealing with situations they might encounter. The great part is, the most successful versions of these interventions can be taken through computer software, making them convenient solutions for parents, students, school administration and everyone else involved.

Why It’s Better

As previously stated, when your student experiences suspension from class or school, they’re always going to miss out on important learning that’s going on in the classroom, putting them further behind their peers. In many cases, this alienation can actually worsen a student’s behavior rather than improve it, and only serves as a negative punishment. In these detrimental years of development, students need as much positive reinforcement as possible in order to build a sense of self-motivation and a good system of values for the rest of their lives. These computerized student suspension alternatives offer you the opportunity to give them just that.

Furthermore, these convenient computer-based positive behavior support interventions are designed to keep your kids interested. Interactive games and multimedia presentations are designed to teach kids and teens about actions, consequences and more in a way that they find fun and won’t be alienated by. The programs reward them for making the proper decisions, and go the extra mile by explaining why their choice was incorrect if they make the wrong move.

Real Results

Perhaps the best part about these types of student suspension alternatives is that they’re really proven to work. Studies conducted on both control groups and groups of students using these types of software have shown that the latter group is much less likely to have a referral to the principal’s office and get suspended in the first place. Furthermore, these studies also show that participating students tend to have higher grades, better attendance records and even better social skills with their peers than the control group.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent alternative for suspension for your child’s school or are simply looking for a way to sort out their bad behavior with positive behavior support interventions on your own time, it’s worth talking to your school’s administration about implementing this tool. Even if your child has behavioral problems, they deserve to receive a proper education, and to grow and develop alongside their peers both intellectually and socially in the coming years.

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