5 Ways To See Immediate Growth In Your Business With Events

At corporate events, various stakeholders of your organization get to meet face to face, and this can prove to be very fruitful. Leading corporate event organizers in Bangalore opine that the many different types of events can be used in different ways. Check these out:

  1. Host an experiential event to boost awareness about your products and services. Providing a unique and engaging experience is the key for the success of such events; it will also help you achieve its goal, of boosting product awareness. To be able to pull off such an event you may need to either spend a pretty packet, or come up with an idea that is so out of the ordinary that people will remember it for a long time. Example: Blinkbox, the on-demand video service planted a 9 foot tall dragon skull on a beach in Dorset to promote the launch of Game of Thrones Season 3! Beach goers were greeted by this sight one fine morning, and needless to say, it went viral – along with the brand.
  2. Hold a trade show or expo: Industry-specific trade shows, conferences and expos happen throughout the year; make sure you participate and present your product or service. Any corporate event management professional will tell you that such events are crucial to your niche and customers as there is good media coverage for such events and they outline the trends of the past year, setting the tone for new ones. If the booth or stand is going out of your budget, buy a ticket and go anyway; you can always network, and check out what the competition is doing.
  3. Conduct training sessions: Offer seminars, workshops or lectures to your existing customers, with the topics being related to their (and yours, of course) field of business. It’s a win-win situation all round. Create a community feeling in your clients and inspire them. Provide training on your products or services and guide them on how to get the max out of them. Take a cue from Google!
  4. Conduct seminars to boost productivity of employees: You need to constantly upgrade the skills of your workforce. The event doesn’t have to be only about your products and services – it can be about customer delight for example, or you can get an industry expert to talk to them about upcoming trends, sales tactics and so on. This will definitely excite your employees; the fact that you care enough about them to give them opportunities to interact face-to-face with dignitaries, is good enough to foster loyalty.
  5. Provide incentive travel to employees to boost their satisfaction: all expenses paid vacations for your employees can be a huge morale booster; it can even be for industry events like trade shows or conferences – allowing them to combine business and leisure! This can help you upgrade your employees’ skills while allowing them to enjoy themselves, increasing their satisfaction levels.

You can also combine a couple of these. Interested in engaging your most important stakeholders? Talk to White Massif one of the top 10 event management companies in Bangalore. With their years of experience, they can help you organize engaging, memorable events that will give your business a shot in the arm. Call them on +91-990-0141-155 / +91-990-0141-177 to speak to an executive today.

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