5 Editing Tips for Business Writers

Be it an email of few lines or a report than runs to pages, business content writers jobs demand more in terms of skill and capability. If you are doing one of those business content writing jobs, you must be aware of the basic principles like clarity, brevity, simplicity and be concise.


Even after you finished the writing part of the process, you must perform an audit of what you wrote. Yes, the importance of editing can never be overemphasized as it greatly improves the quality of your emails or reports.

Here are 5 editing tips to help you enhance the quality and readability of your business writing.

  1. The “you” attitude: Business content writers should adopt the ‘you’ attitude when writing. This way of directly addressing your readers in your communique makes your readers close to your content. The ‘you’ attitude really builds a bond between the writer and the reader, and render the message easy-to-understand and friendly. Presenting the message helps business content writers to understand the subject matter of the message from the readers’ perspective/point-of-view.


The implementation of marketing campaign is the responsibility of a marketing manager.

The above lines can be bettered by using ‘you’ attitude as below.

You should implement the marketing campaign.


  1. Stay focused: Freelance business content writers must stay focused in their writing and should not resort to irrelevant topics. The purpose as laid out in the planning stage should be kept in mind all the time you write your business communication. Cut down irrelevant lines/sentences from your writing and don’t hesitate to eliminate the unwanted. Performing business content writing jobs indeed require that you do a really harsh edit by trimming the content to be more short, concise and crisp.
  2. Let your writing be ‘Active’: Business content writing jobs can be performed better by adhering to active voice as much as possible. Passive voice can be used only when it is not possible to do away with it. Active voice makes your business writing more direct and more clear resulting in more readability.


Your proposal was reviewed and the same was submitted to our design team.

The above cab be made direct using active voice as below:

We reviewed your proposal and submitted it to our design team

  1. Be courteous: Adhering to good manners is one thing that always helps. When writing your communique, you should strictly be courteous. Respecting your readers’ sentiments is very important. In this era of globalization, you may be required to reach overseas clients. Be aware of their culture before you start writing to them. Certain phrases may be offensive in certain countries while the same phases can be common in some other countries. Stick to good manners and be courteous and gentle to your target audience.
  2. Let the final step be proofreading: a comprehensive proofread is a must. Give your writing a loud reading and ensure that the punctuations and formatting is rightly done.


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