4 Characteristics of Trusted Drug Screening Services

As a business owner or the head of your company’s human resources department, one of your primary responsibilities is to find and hire well-qualified employees. It’s also important to staff your organization with people who fit within your company culture and who display professionalism and a high character at work and off the clock. Recreational drug use can hamper a person’s ability to work effectively, and the presence of these illegal substances can bring a dark cloud over your company. For this reason, you should consider administering drug tests to potential employees who are in the recruitment process. People of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life can succumb to drug use, so requiring testing for all job candidates is critical. The best employment drug screening services offer comprehensive testing that will help identify the best staff members.

Clean, Inviting Facility

Drug testing companies should be housed in sterile environments. The office should be clean and should have a welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere. The staff members should make you feel at ease and should not be judgmental or have any preconceived notions about any patrons. This way, when your prospective employees go in for pre-employment drug screening, they will feel comfortable and stress free.

Onsite Tests Available

For convenience sake, the best drug screening companies have the ability to come to your place of employment and administer tests there. In this way, prospective employees can do their screening following an interview. It also allows you to do employment drug screening to current employees, if you desire. Companies that offer this service will bring with them all the necessary materials and tools necessary to do the testing. They’ll create an atmosphere that feels just like you’re in a clinic or a testing facility.

Thorough Testing

If you want to get the most accurate results from a drug test, you should expect the tests to be comprehensive and complete. The best services don’t skip steps or rush through the test. Instead, the most trusted pre employment drug testing companies will administer every test necessary to get the results you, as an employer, needs to see or your potential or current employees. Some of these tests include urine tests, oral fluid, hair testing, breath alcohol testing, DOT testing, Random Drug and Alcohol (BAC) testing. Shy away from companies that don’t offer these testing services.

Wealth of Experience

The results of these tests are too important to chance to a company lacking experience in employment drug screening. Your company must partner with screening companies that have a proven track record working with large number of clients, including companies in a variety of industries. Ideally, the service will be accustomed to administering tests for companies like yours. Look for screening companies that have a long list of clients and that have been in the business for multiple years or even decades. With experience, companies will also use the most updated and state-of-the-art equipment and lab tools to do the testing and perform the lab work.

Employment drug screening is a vital part of the recruiting process. Make sure you service you use for potential employees meets these criteria.



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