What’s your trash worth in Edmonton?

Many recycling facilities pay cash for scrap metal pieces. Whether you have old aluminum pieces from an old car’s bumper sitting in your driveway, old equipment you no longer use in your line of business, are upgrading to new equipment, or selling scrap metal and junk to a company, metal recycling in Edmonton is a great way to make some extra cash.
What do they buy –
A junk yard investing in metal recycling in Edmonton might purchase a number of items and different pieces of metal. Many local recycling facilities will typically purchase old scrap pieces from cars, commercial- or industrial-grade equipment, or even household scrap in the form of aluminum, brass or even old piping. In addition to this, many junk yards will purchase metal pieces of all weight, sizes, grades, and quality. If you simply wish to get rid of some old junk, or have an old car taking up room in the garage that you can’t repair, why not get rid of it and make some cash in the process?

Where should you sell –
When choosing where to get rid of the old junk, there are many things to look for in a reliable junk yard or metal recycling facility. Some things to consider when choosing a purchaser includes:
– Their location – Is it one lot or do they have several yards and collectors in the area?
– What they buy – Do they buy damaged pieces, scrap metal, small pieces, or only larger pieces which are still usable?
– Do they offer free pick up – If you have a car you can’t move, or larger pieces of metal, will they come to you and pick it up?
– A full written quote – This not only lets you know how much they are willing to pay for scrap, but also allows you to visit other junk yards or possible buyers, and compare the best offers.

Reputation is also critical. Just because a junk yard claims they buy all metal or guarantees the highest offer, doesn’t mean this is what you are getting. You can find many online reviews of local junk yards, compare the most well known lots, and find out which companies in this industry are truly reputable, and are going to offer you the true value of the items which you plan on selling to them.

You never know what your old junk is truly worth. And, just because you have heavy items you can’t transport, doesn’t mean the right buyer won’t come to you to pick it up and purchase it. If you have old scrap pieces, metal, or have junk lying around the home you want to get rid of, instead of recycling it yourself, consider selling it to metal buyers. Not only will this allow you to rid your home or office of the junk, but it also allows you to make a few extra bucks in the process, for items you had sitting around taking up space, which you weren’t making use of anyway.

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