What Does the Future Hold for Deliveries?

You only need to look back a few decades to see just how far the world of deliveries has come; we’ve gone beyond the standard offerings of national and international logistics and we now have bigger and faster solutions to use.

This mixed with the technological advances we’ve seen in recent years could also mean that deliveries could become even more convenient and indeed innovative. Here we look at a few examples of what the future could hold:

Faster Timeframes

There are already delivery companies such as TNT Direct who offer time-sensitive solutions like same-day and next-day deliveries, which many have argued reflects the preferences of the modern tech-savvy consumer, who is used to using smartphones and tablets to find and receive information quickly. The idea here is that as these technologies become even faster, deliveries might eventually shift from a daily time slot to an hourly one.

Easier Ordering

To build on the above, it might be that the way we can order deliveries becomes much more simplistic and easy to do. There are several companies that have apps and perhaps with this we may one day can order a parcel to be delivered anywhere we like, all from the palms of our hands.


You may have already seen drones flying about in your local area, well if articles like this from The Guardian are anything to go on, we may well one day see these remote-controlled craft dropping parcels off on our doorsteps.

Underground Pipes

One of the biggest issues with modern deliveries is that these can be late or delayed due to congestion and traffic issues while on route. One way to combat such problems would be to head underground and have packages and parcels sent via a network of pipes. The idea is that these would work in a similar way to smaller pneumatic air tubes used in sorting offices.

Autonomous Cars

There are several vehicle manufacturers who have unveiled and released prototype autonomous – or self-driving – cars already and there’s every chance that delivery companies could load up wagons and have them make designated stops without the need for any drivers.
Whether you’re a customer or a business who relies on logistics it does seem that there’s quite a lot to look forward to when it comes to deliveries. A final piece of advice would be to keep up to date with the latest developments in this niche, to help you always secure the best level of service when it becomes available.

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