Want to get your customer’s attention? Try these techniques…

In today’s age of constant distraction, attention is one of the most valuable currencies out there. Knowing this, some of the best tactics in your business arsenal involve the seizure and retention of your target market’s attention.
Below, we will detail several ways you can do just that.

1) Deploy attention-grabbing signs

If you are hosting an outdoor event, you can get the attention of those passing by through the deployment of attention-grabbing signs.

An excellent way to do this is through the deployment of teardrop banners, as it will make pedestrians and drivers curious about what is going on in the immediate area.

Attracting visual attention through the use of vibrant colors, teardrop banners will draw people to your event, boosting walk-up business and/or participation.

2) Get online

While the aforementioned technique takes advantage of serendipity, most people these days are glued to their smartphones or laptops, for better or worse. As such, those that want to get attention will have to advertise locally online in order to get noticed.
Google and Bing allow promoters to create ads that target certain consumers in a specific geographic area.

By taking advantage of these tools, you can get people in your city to buy your product or come to your event.

3) Use emotional appeals in ads

Whatever advertising mediums you choose to utilize, be sure to inject emotion in your pitches. It is a common maxim in writing that you should ‘bleed in the first sentence’ so that you can grab the attention of the reader.

This is just as true (if not more so) in copywriting, so when you draft a newspaper ad, or the script for a radio, TV spot, or online ad, make certain that raise eyebrows with whatever you write.

Controversy can be tempting, but avoid it unless you are experienced. Aim to create positive surprise or joy; if you do, we think that you will be pleased with the return on investment that you will realize from your campaign.


4) What’s in it for them?


The heart of any appeal should always be centered around the benefit that the targeted customer will enjoy, whether you are mounting a social media campaign, or putting up billboards promoting an event.

Too often, the entrepreneur will focus intently on their own self-interest without thinking about what their customer is seeking out of the deal.

Those that enjoy success are the ones that take the time to outline how their product, service, or event will improve the lives of their customers in a specific way.

It may seem like hard work to specify this, but those that take the time to communicate effectively will be rewarded in the end.



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