The Importance of Workers’ Unions in Winnipeg

In a world that is grappling with high levels of unemployment and job insecurity, it is possible to settle for a job with terms that are way below what you qualified for in terms of remunerations, benefits and job security. Unfortunately, employers may take advantage of this to deny employees their rights. The best news is, there are unions that have specialized in championing the rights of different employees, to ensure that they get what they deserve.


Workers’ Unions in Winnipeg

If you are in Winnipeg, you can find well-established unions that have specialized in helping members to improve their lives at home, in the workplace and in general. The unions have committed representatives who normally help members with their problems, answer their questions and ensure that they receive the rights and benefits that they are entitled to. Whether you have an issue with your supermarket worker salary or need help with the workers comp in Winnipeg, these experts can help. Some of their services entail:

  1. Health and Safety

The Canadian workplace health and safety laws have undergone significant changes that are good for workers. For instance, the current law requires the formation of a workplace safety and health committee to help champion the health and safety practices at the workplace. It requires the employer to identify the risks and hazards at the workplace and develop a plan that will eliminate, control or reduce the hazards.

Furthermore, the program should develop a regular and viable schedule for the committee to inspect the workplace and a clear plan for investigating accidents. If none of this is being observed at your workplace, these unions can help. They have developed procedures to help support these committees and ensure that they are doing whatever they need to do. For instance, the union representatives normally organize meetings with the committee members to ensure that they are on track and help them where possible.

  1. Workers Compensation

If you have been injured at the workplace and need to be compensated, these unions can also help. Regardless of how small the injury is, the representatives can help you through the entire process of applying for the Workers Compensation Benefits. The compensation could be through the provision of lost wages, medical benefits or drugs. If you are not satisfied with the adjudicator’s decision on your WCB claim, the union representatives can help you appeal the decision. Besides offering you the appropriate advice and assistance, the experts can also represent you at the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

  1. Your Collective Agreement

The union is also staffed with knowledgeable and experienced negotiators who can help you to come up with a viable collective agreement with your employer concerning the issues at hand, such as salary increments. The best thing is that they always keep a copy of such agreements in their system for future reference. In case you have any questions or need some clarity on certain aspects of the agreement, the union representatives are always ready to elaborate on the same.

The best thing is that these unions have made it easier for anyone to report on or inquire about an issue, as everything can be done online by filling out the appropriate forms. Moreover, they also have a variety of discounts for their members. Whether you are a supermarket employee who needs help negotiating your supermarket worker salary, or simply need help with aspects of workers comp in Winnipeg, these unions are able to help.


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