Skid steer & heavy duty equipment rental in Edmonton

Many construction companies are going to rely on the use of skid steers in Edmonton and skid steer attachments to complete different jobs on a work site. Skid steers are small, rigid-framed, engine powered machines, which have arms attached to the end. These arms, and additional skid steer attachments are not only meant to do heavy lifting and transporting, but also help reduce the total amount of work time and labour your employees are going to need when working on a project. In the event you do not own skid steers and attachments, the option to rent skid steers in Edmonton is one to consider.
Why rent & what to rent –
The rental of skid steers, attachments, and other construction equipment in general will differ for each business owner. In some cases, you do not have storage space to keep these pieces of equipment when not in use. Other businesses simply don’t use the equipment often enough to warrant purchasing it. Some simply do not want to do maintenance or upkeep work.

Regardless of the reason you choose to rent, as opposed to owning these types of heavy duty, construction equipment, rentals are one option which will allow you to complete construction jobs without having to invest in high-priced equipment.

Where to rent –
So you have decided to accept a job a client has hired you for which requires the use of skid steers and attachments. But, where do you go to rent this equipment? When choosing a company to rent from, some things you need to consider are:
– The type of equipment they typically rent (heavy duty, power lifts, construction, etc).
– Types of attachments offered (sweeper, hydraulic lifts, power arms, etc).
– Brands offered (Bobcat, John Deere, etc).
– Duration of the rental, cost of rental, and the option to rent by the day, hour, week, month, etc.

When renting equipment, it is also a good idea to choose a rental company that is well known and is highly regarded by other local construction companies and experts in the field. This is a simple way to ensure you are not only going to find the equipment you need to rent, but also ensure you can trust their rental terms, their pricing, as well as the quality of the equipment you are going to rent when choosing them for equipment rentals.

You never know when you are going to need a skid steer, sweeper arm, or heavy duty lifts. With this in mind, if you do not own this or other heavy duty equipment, the option to rent is always one to consider, as a business owner in the construction industry. Hoever, with many rental companies, you want to choose a reputable company for rental. These are a few ways to go about choosing a rental company, and finding the equipment you desire, for the best possible pricing.

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