Services Offered by Funeral Homes in Edmonton

Losing a person you love is not easy, as it can leave you emotionally and even financially drained because of the expenses that come with planning the burial ceremony. Luckily, there are funeral homes that have specialized in helping families create meaningful ceremonies to honour the life, as well as memory of their loved ones. Whether you want an elaborate, simple, traditional or unique send off for your loved one, the professionals at these funeral homes can help.

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Services Offered by Funeral Homes in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton, you can find reputable funeral homes that offer a range of funeral services for people in Edmonton and surrounding areas. The experts at these centres can help you to plan a ceremony that reflects your loved one’s character and fit the family’s lifestyle. This can help to lift the financial burden from people who are already grieving the loss of a loved one. These homes are known to offer some of the best funeral, burial, and cremation services in Edmonton. Some of their services include:

  1. Customization Services

While there are traditional ways of conducting funerals, every service is unique and that is why it should reflect your loved one’s personality. If you have an idea of how you want any funeral service to be, these experts can help. These homes have the resources that are needed to provide the celebration of life, funeral service, ceremony or a memorial service, which is tailored to match your ideas and preferences. Whether you want the service to be by the lakeside, at home, or in a church, they can accommodate your demands.

  1. Cremation Services

These homes are also known to offer the best cremation services in Edmonton. Cremation is a great option, and a viable alternative to a casket burial or entombment. Here, the professionals usually provide an opportunity for the family and friends to view the body of the deceased before the cremation ceremony.

This involves the combustion of the body in high temperature chambers. The intense heat helps to reduce the body to the most basic elements. These ashes are then placed in cremation urns for memorial purposes. If you want your loved one to be cremated, or would like to be cremated when you pass on, the experts at these funeral homes can help.

  1. Traditional Funeral Services

These homes also offer a range of traditional funeral options to choose from. For instance, the service may be held at home, in a church or at a cemetery before the body is taken to the grave in a casket for burial. Furthermore, special features such as a cross, epitaph or even a bouquet may be placed by the graveside to enable the family to identify where their loved one was buried.

  1. Merchandise

These homes also offer a range of funeral merchandise to enable you give your loved one a worthwhile and befitting send off. These include metal caskets, wooden caskets, cremation caskets, burial vaults, as well as cremation urns.

These professionals can also help you to complete certain tasks that are required of you after the death of a loved one. These include; the death benefit refund application, estate documentation, federal document registration, notifications, filing, and even cancellations, among other things. Whether you need help with a funeral, burial or cremation services in Edmonton, these experts can help.



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