Private Fire Hydrants in Langley – How Reliable Are They?

Any building can be hit by disasters, no matter how sturdy it’s built. It might be in the form of burglary, break-ins, tornados, hurricanes or otherwise. If the building is in close proximity to water bodies, then it’s more prone to flooding. However, all structures, no matter where they’re located, are susceptible to the outbreak of fires. Every commercial building will be installed with electrical lines and HVAC units, while houses and apartments will have additional installations, such as gas lines and stoves. Fire can break out from any source, be it gas leakages, an electrical short-circuit, or accidental spilling of kerosene or other petroleum products, for example. On that account, every building owner must ensure that they get a fire hydrant from a reputable waterworks manufacturer.


Once installed, fire hydrants in Langley enable fire fighters to get easy access to the necessary water supplies. However, this can only be possible if all maintenance procedures, as suggested by the waterworks manufacturer, are followed. Canadian Fire Safety Association (CFSA) standards dictate certain maintenance of hydrants. For many decades, utility companies have maintained fire hydrants as a courtesy to taxpayers and commercial property owners. However, due to liability concerns or simple cost cutting, the responsibility has been slowly delegated to business owners. If you’ve been contacted by your local municipality to maintain your hydrant(s), this article explains your new requirements.

Who is Affected?

Generally, multi-acreage property owners with fire hydrants situated more than 80 feet from a public road. Even if your local municipality hasn’t relinquished maintenance activities to you, proactive attention to the situation is strongly recommended, as potential insurance claims may be denied by insurance companies that find no record of current hydrant maintenance in the event of loss from fire.

What Exactly Needs to be Done?

According to CFSA, proper and regular maintenance of fire hydrants in Langley should be conducted at least once every year. Be it a hydrant installed in front of your office or a private one, getting it checked by an expert is strongly recommended. However, before doing anything on a private hydrant, you should inform your local fire department. They’ll send an expert to inspect the hydrant to know whether it is in usable condition or not. You can then proceed with its maintenance work.

First and foremost, the hydrant needs to be opened and flowed. Measuring instruments shall be attached to the hydrant to read the rate of flow in gallons per minute, as well as “projected” flow that fire departments will expect to receive from the hydrant. Secondly, the underground shut off valve should be verified to be operational. Finally, hydrant threads shall be cleaned and lubricated with a food-grade, anti-seize product. After complete testing and maintenance, the next thing will be to submit a copy of the report to the local fire department, in order to assure them that the private or local fire hydrants in your area are in the best possible condition.

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