How to Shop at a Foreign Store Online

There may come a time when you see a beautiful item online only to find that it’s available only from a foreign retailer that does not take your form of credit card. This can be annoying and frustrating considering the fact that many items overseas are cheaper than what you’d find here in the states or UK. Thankfully, there is something known as a concierge shopping service that will actually place your order for you and ship it to you so that you don’t have to deal with currency conversion.

What is a Concierge Service?

With a concierge service, their team of shoppers will order any item online for you using their own currency. Once they receive your order, they will offer you several shipping methods and your product will be delivered to your front door. Instead of trying to convert currency or forgo buying the product altogether because it is impossible for you to buy, the company takes care of the headache for you and you still receive the item you’ve been wanting to purchase.

How Does it Work?

First, you’ll need to have the URL to the specific product you’d like to purchase and give information to the concierge service about the color, type or size that you need in that specific item. Once they have all of the details, they will place the order for you and it will be delivered to their office. Once they receive the item, you’ll be alerted and can choose a shipping method that best fits your needs and budget. Next, they’ll pack up the item securely and discreetly in order to ship it to your home. Depending on your shipping mode, you’ll receive the item in a matter of just a few days.

Additional Fees?

Because you are essentially using a middle man to order your items, you should expect an additional fee on top of the price of the product you’re buying. All concierge services are different, so the price you pay depends on which one you choose. You’ll also have to pay for the shipping itself because the concierge company is spending their own money to deliver the item to your home. While the additional fees can be quite substantial at times, you’ll still enjoy having access to foreign items you wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise. If you’re saving money by purchasing overseas, the price you pay for concierge shopping will still make the item cheaper than what you’d pay either in the U.S. or in the United Kingdom.

Fine Print

Before you make use of the first concierge company you find, do your research. There are a lot of scam companies out there that require payment upfront and never buy the product for you. This is unfortunate considering this type of service is both beneficial and needed by many people. Reading reviews can give you some insight into how good a company is before you choose to hire them.

You’ll also want to compare different companies’ fees to determine which one fits your budget the best. Certain companies are expensive and charge ridiculous fees that don’t make it worth it to buy overseas products. Others only charge a small fee to buy the item and then will charge you shipping to get the product delivered to you. Always make sure that you provide the concierge company with a full description of the product you want to buy because there have been many cases where a company ordered the wrong item because of a vague description and it turned into a lengthy return and reorder process.


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