How to Pick a Web Host

A web host is what connects your website to the internet, allowing people to visit your domain name and website. There are a ton of web hosting companies to choose from, which can get overwhelming. Here’s what you want to look for when picking a web host.

Types of Hosting Plans

As you begin your search for the right web host, you’re going to come across a few different types of plans, including:

Dedicated Servers: A dedicated server is a good choice for a large website with a lot of traffic. You’ll get extra features that you can pick and choose from. These plans have higher price tags, but you get a lot out of them, too.

Individual: Individual plans, also sometimes called shared plans, tend to be the least costly. You’ll get a web host to support one domain and you’ll have a few basic features included. This is a good option if you don’t need a bunch of storage and if you don’t expect to have a lot of traffic at the beginning.

Reseller: A reseller account is sort of a combination of a dedicated server and an individual plan. You can create several individual plans within one reseller account. This is a good idea if you’re going to be running multiple websites at once.

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Storage and Bandwidth

Small websites can get away with choosing basic plans that offer a limited amount of storage and bandwidth. However, as you scale your website, you’ll want to know that you can upgrade to the next plan as soon as you need to. Today, many web hosts also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.


One of the best ways to determine if you’ll have a positive experience with a web host is to read customer reviews. Look for reviews from past customers as well as current customers. Pay attention to repeat complaints, because odds are you’re going to deal with the same issues. You can also reach out to website owners to find out about their experience with their host.


If you opt for an individual plan, you’ll be able to find a host with very affordable rates. Dedicated servers and reseller accounts cost a bit more. Whatever you do, don’t go for a free web host. While it may sound great to not have to pay anything, the host may not be reliable (which could cause problems on your website) and you could find out that you need to have ads for the host or third-party companies on your site.

Customer Service

It’s important to choose a web host that offers 24-7 customer service. If your website crashes outside of normal business hours, you’re not going to want to wait until the next day to get it back up and running. Find out how you can access customer support, too. If you’re often on-the-go, you’ll want to know you can email them or use a mobile app to contact them wherever you are.

WordPress Support

Today, most websites are created with Make sure that your web host offers script support for WordPress websites, which will make it easy to get setup quickly. If you choose another website platform, double-check with your host that they’re able to support it.

Understanding the various types of web hosts and add-on features available, combined with knowing exactly what you need for your website, will help you narrow down your choices and pick the right host for your site.

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