Fire Protection Solutions in Calgary

Installing a fire protection system in your house, business premises, industrial or institutional establishment can save lives and even enable you to salvage your most important items from the building or structure after it has caught fire. Fortunately, there are companies that have specialized in designing, building, as well as installing high-performance fire protection systems for industrial, commercial and even residential customers.

Fire Protection Solutions in Calgary

If you are a resident of Calgary, you can find full-service fire protection companies that offer fast, accurate and innovative fire protection solutions that are meant to offer optimal protection from fire accidents. These companies are staffed with highly skilled engineers who install, repair, service, and inspect a wide range of fire protection systems in Calgary. Some of their solutions include:

  1. Antifreeze Sprinkler Systems

These companies are known to offer the best antifreeze sprinklers in Calgary. These are wet pipe fire protection systems that feature automatic sprinklers, which are normally attached to a special piping system containing an anti-freeze solution and linked to a reliable water supply. Whenever there is excessive heat from a fire, the sprinklers are opened, the anti-freeze solution is discharged and this is followed by water, hence quickly and effectively putting out the fire.

  1. Deluge systems

These are unique systems that are fitted with open nozzles, which are intended to spray each part of the structure when activated. Here, open sprinklers are normally connected to a piping system, which is attached to a steady supply of water through a valve, which is installed close to the sprinklers. Whenever the valve opens, water flows into the piping system, and is then discharged from the sprinklers. It is the best system to use in those buildings that are prone to fast-spreading and challenging fires, like petroleum storage tanks, cooling towers, and fuel tanker loading racks, among other things.

  1. Dry-pipe Fire Protection Systems

If the area where you want to place your fire protection unit is prone to freezing, this will be the best system to use. Ideally, the system features a system control valve which is held in a closed position by compressed air (or nitrogen) in the piping. When the head breaks because of excessive heat from the fire, the air is normally released, the valve is then opened, allowing water to get into the piping system, and then get discharged onto the fire through sprinklers.

  1. Pre-Action System

Just like the dry-pipe system, this one also has pressurized air in its pipes. However, this system uses an electric, solenoid-operated “pre-action valve” to effectively hold back the water. The valve is controlled by a unique fire alarm panel, also referred to as the releasing panel. This can easily be configured to release the water upon receiving signals from fire detectors. If you are looking for the best pre-action fire protection systems in Calgary to install in your server room, or telecom switch room, these experts can help.

These companies are also known to offer other a range of other fire protection systems in Calgary, such as fire pumps and controllers, as well as special hazard systems. Furthermore, they also provide reliable tests and inspections, installations, as well as servicing and maintenance. Whether you are looking for reputable suppliers of pre-action systems, dry-pipe systems, deluge systems or antifreeze sprinklers in Calgary, these companies have you covered.


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