Important Benefits of an Avaya VOIP Phone system

A scalable phone system, Avaya VOIP phone system expands alongside your business by bringing together your calls, messages, conferences, and customer management in a single system. It’s a flexible, amalgamated communications solution, which allows you to send email, voicemail, and text messages to the same inbox.

If you have been looking for such a phone system, Avaya phones benefits are simply undeniable. You will surely be overwhelmed with the way this system combines all your information from multiple channels and merges into one single system.

Avaya phones benefits are many, and you can always count on them for effective management if the information in regards to your business. Let us have a look at the numerous Avaya phones benefits that would be enough to compel you to upgrade to this phone system.

Boosts Your Business Efficiency

The Avaya VOIP Phone system is fully steadfast and reliable. With any other network, you will always be under the fear of the network going down which apparently cuts down your business productivity because it puts a stop on your phones, emails, and fax machines. But with Avaya VOIP Phone system, the network is never a problem which means you will always be in touch with your clients that would bring an increase in your overall productivity.

Gives Unparalleled Mobility

It’s another of Avaya phones benefits; the system, when compared to other phone systems, offers more mobility. So with Avaya VOIP phone system, you can conduct your sales calls on the road too and make it appear like the in-house call.

Cost Effectiveness & Usability 

With Avaya, you don’t need multiple cables for operating different communication mediums. You just need one cable that takes care of all the connected devices very easily. So, this way you can see that Avaya not just proves to be highly usable in saving your time, but is even cost effective.

Offers Great Customer Service

When you are talking about Avaya phones benefits, you can’t really ignore one of its features known as the Call Center. This feature brings you incredible customer service as it makes sure that when your customers call you, all their information gets stored in the database. This information can easily be accessed by the concerned agent right on his or her desktop. With the help of this feature, the customers will always reach to the right agent.

IP Office

Another wonderful Avaya phones benefits are the feature that allows you to create the most suitable system for your company – it’s called the IP Office. It acts perfect for companies that are mid-sized and has many features that help you manage the system easily.

Gives You A Single Server

Last but definitely not the least, the Avaya systems also offer the option of having one single server for your organization through Media Server and Gateway feature. Businesses that have different locations can easily use this feature and manage everything from one place with lesser hassles. All you need to do is install one single server and connect other locations with it.

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