Life Before And After Air Conditioners

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Most of us would probably find it difficult to live through the hot Australian summer without an air conditioner. They help to perfectly cool the room quickly and easily, allowing you to focus and function normally whatever the weather.

But have you ever stopped to think about life before air conditioners? We’re stepping back through history to compare life before and after air conditioners.

Water fountains

Going way back to the 1800s and 1900s, water fountains were a common way to stay cool. In big cities, water fountains were often built like large troughs, so that people could stick their head in when it got too hot.


This is a simple one. When it got too hot, people would simply grab some shade under trees. It was not uncommon to see people napping in the park, grabbing some relief from that hot sun when it got too hot.

The porch

We might all be used to running indoors when it gets hot, but when air conditioning wasn’t a thing, people would go outdoors. Porches were built to give some shade to the windows, but also so that people could sit outside, out of the glare of the sun, and hopefully find a breeze.

High ceilings

People used to build their houses in ways that would help to keep them cool. We all know hot air rises, so people used to build houses with high ceilings. This would help to get the heat to rise up, allowing people to keep cool down below.

Planting trees

Planting trees near the windows and doors of houses was common, in an effort to try and stop the sun from beaming in, and providing some much needed shade. The trees were also there to try and cool down any breeze that entered the porch area.

Life today

Today we’re lucky enough that we don’t even need to think about the heat. We can come indoors, switch on our air con and immediately feel relief. It’s interesting to look back and see the creative and inventive ways people went about cooling themselves down, but we think everyone should be investing in an air conditioner. If you’re looking to invest, then check out Carrier Air, a great air conditioner supplier, to help you stay cool in the hot summer months.






Three Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Your Best Employee

During the hiring process, you know how to spot a future employee from an average interviewee.

According to Manwaring Web Solutions, an Idaho Falls web design company, the characteristics of a strong candidate might include adaptability, organizational skills and problem-solving capabilities.

You know what your business needs. So, why can’t your website be your best employee?

In 2017, the best decision you will make is to hire a responsive website design. A responsive website, like a strong employee, is adaptable, organized and problem-solving.


According to the Pew Research Center, 63 percent of adult search the web on their phones.

When a potential customer visits your website, what do they see? Do they see a clean, user-friendly design, or must they zoom and scroll to find information?

Your clients are no longer using just their computer to find you. Many future customers are using phones, tablets and other portable devices to find you. A responsive design creates a great user experience for users on all devices.

Professionals can convert your current website to become responsive, which allows your website to adapt to the sizes of various devices, thus creating a great user experience.


A great employee is able to perform at a high level because they keep their work organized. He or she will avoid misusing time and complete their tasks on time.

Just like a workplace, your website should be clean and organized.

A responsive website organizes your website on mobile devices and improves the consumer’s experience.

According to 2012 survey conducted by L2, aa mobile-friendly website might increase your business’s success.

It suggests a responsive design increases sales, improves brand awareness and enhances return rates.

Have you visited a page on your phone and zoomed in to find a button that takes you to yet another unorganized page?

An organized website increases productivity and makes your business more money.


Mobilegeddon was a major concern for web designers and web marketers at the beginning of 2015

A change was coming to Google’s algorithm, and it would change website ranking forever. Experts anticipated the change would be huge.

April 21, the change happened. Google officially began boosting mobile-friendly Web pages in search results, and non-mobile-friendly pages’ rankings fell.

Some sites already transitioned to become more mobile-friendly before the announcement. For the others, intimidation set it.

How would their business recover from Mobilegeddon?

Well, a responsive website is a solution to that problem. A clean, organized website that adapts to any device will rank well on Google searches.

To help, Google created a test that shows whether your site meets the requirements.

The Best Employee

As a business owner, you have high standards for the employees your hire to represent you and your brand.

An adaptable, organized and problem-solving employee is the perfect fit for your business. They will help increase your productivity and success of your business.

Besides your employees, your website should be a valuable member of your team.

With a responsive website, your website can become your best employee.




Best Books For AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS, as it more popularly known, is India’s top and most renowned medical institute and hospital. It is very much sought after not only in our country but also in the medical realm of Asia as well! It is well known for its pioneering research, advancements in medicine and medical technology, experienced and most qualified staff in its faculty, etc. Now it is not at all surprising that such a renowned institute should have its own entrance exam to admit students into its courses. AIIMS conducts its own entrance exams for students who are seeking admission into its medical and dental courses. To get into the top and most renowned medical institute in the country is obviously not going to be a walk in the park. It calls for hard work, smart preparations, diligence, and focus. Every year, lakhs of medical aspirants apply and attempt the AIIMS entrance exam to be one of the deserving 700 to claim their seats. AIIMS 2017 has increased the number of seats from 700 to 707 in a slight rain of relief for this year’s candidates.

AIIMS is often the cause of nervousness and apprehension when it comes to medical exams in India because its exam pattern is unique and deviates from exams like the erstwhile AIPMT (now known as NEET). The AIIMS 2017 syllabus is equally wide but the marking scheme differs again. A student will have to answer 200 questions in total in a time frame of 3.5 hours. 60 questions each will come from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and 20 from General Knowledge.

AIIMS preparation requires a lot of prior planning and structured execution. But how to crack AIIMS 2017 when so much apprehension and intimidation surrounds it? Even when you have the best books for AIIMS, you still need a roadmap, else you will be in quite a spot! The following are some preparation tips for AIIMS 2017 that you can take the help of as you prepare for one of the toughest medical entrance exams in the country for undergraduate medical and dental courses.

Know the syllabus

Although it does seem a little obvious but there are and I have come across students who prepare for an exam whose syllabus they’re not very familiar with! How can you charge into a battle if you don’t even know who you’re fighting? So, the first step for you to take is to familiarise yourself with the syllabus.

Identify the do-or-die chapters

This should be your top priority once you are down with the syllabus. Focusing on the entire syllabus is not the smart thing to do. Instead, use previous years papers to quickly identify these AIIMS do-or-die chapters that you know you have to study and revise thoroughly no matter what.

Play to your strengths

Not everyone shares the same strengths and weaknesses. The trick is to know your strengths and use them to your advantage. For instance, if Physics is your strength, make sure you get it down to a T so that no matter what questions come from it, you will be able to tackle them with ease.

Keep these preparations tips for AIIMS in mind and they will help perform better and more efficiently not just in your reparations but in your actual exam!


Are Designer Brands Really Worth the Money?

When it comes to looking at retail prices, nothing quite skews the average sales figures like luxury designer brands. A single designer logo can increase the price of one garment (of the same quality and materials) tenfold, with people keen to show the world that they’re sporting the latest from Luis Vuitton or Chanel.

But are these brands really worth the money? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of high-end designer good rose by an eye-watering 60% between 2003 and 2013, and they have continued increasing in the years since then. Obviously these price rises way outstrip inflation, and the increase in the cost of materials doesn’t nearly account for such a substantial hike in retail prices. In many cases, the prices are going up simply because people are willing to pay relatively large sums for designer items, and the brands are cashing in.

There is no doubt that the quality of construction and materials used on say a Hermes bag or pair of Chanel sunglasses is much higher than the equivalent high street product, but this doesn’t nearly account for the retail pricing, yet people are willing to part with their money regardless.

It would seem that the answer lies in our desire to present a certain image to the outside world, and we’re willing to hand over inordinate sums of money to portray something about our spending power, social status and sense of style. According to a study from the Netherlands, it would appear this approach works too. Rob Nelissen and Mrijn Meijers found that logos, particularly those of expensive brands, can make a person seem more approachable, and even help them when it comes to landing new jobs. Essentially, people equate designer logos to quality, and that extends to the person wearing them.

So in terms of quality and craftsmanship, although designer brands are leagues above their high-street equivalents, they’re not really worth the price tag. However throw in the social currency and the fact that many top-end designer goods hold their value (or even increase, making them a sound investment), it would seem that luxury designer goods may indeed be worth their price tag.



Benefits of logbook loans

Many people do not know the real importance of their car or vehicle. They thing that it is just a vehicle to drive from one place to another, they do not know how many other benefits a vehicle has. The biggest benefit is that it can help people in their financial crisis and emergencies needs. Many people know that they can loan money only against their houses or properties which is not true one can also get loan against their vehicles. There are many type of loan on car titles but the logbook loan is the easiest and the most beneficial way to get money against your car and the amazing thing is that the vehicle still be the possession of the owner even after getting the loan.

Logbook loan is also known as V5 loan. It is an old document which has all the important information about the owner and the vehicle such as VIN number and current registration mark. It gets updated with any change in ownership and any other change. This document gets issued from the jurisdiction of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). You will have to submit the logbook to the lender for security but you can still keep the vehicle and use it.

Many people have poor credit report, it means that they have already taken loan from bank or other financial companies and haven’t paid it back for any reasons; this type of loans is the most beneficial for those people. There are some requirements to get this loan such as the logbook should be registered in the name of the borrower even if he does not own the car, because the borrower will be responsible for any type of complain against the vehicle or all the taxes. To be eligible for the loan the age of the vehicle should be less than 8 years. The condition also matters when it comes to the getting loan, the car with good condition will get the loan more easily then a car which has bad condition. The condition will also matter to decide the minimum amount of loan you can get. Normally one can get loan from £500-£50,000 but the actual amount that one can get depends on the condition of the vehicle.

The ownership of the vehicle will be transferred to the lender’s name during the time period fixed to return the loan and the borrower can still use it but in case the borrower fails to pay the amount within that fixed time, the lender gets the right to cease the vehicle, there is no need for him to wait for court orders. During the time of installments, the logbook will not have any legal importance.

These types of loans get verified very quickly and there is no need for big documentation. As soon as the lender calculates the amount he can give against you vehicle, he will give you the money. This is the best way to get loan against car or any other vehicle. There are other types of secured loans against vehicles too but for that a person needs too much time to wait and is useless for emergencies.


LinkLiving gets Donation for new session in Fife

Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom specialist DMDesign has just given a kitchen that will help with a number of courses run by LinkLiving in Kircaldy, Fife including ‘cooking on a financial plan’, in association with Greener Kirkcaldy.
The Link Group is a well-known organisations and LinkLiving Ltd is a part of the group. They are currently helping out 10,000 families across 26 Scottish residential areas.
Link Living offers services in Edinburgh, East Lothian, Midlothian, Fife, and Falkirk, donating nearly 2,500 hours a week of applied help, along with advice and care to 400 vulnerable  young people.
Sharing his thoughts after his session using the facility, Connor Webster, course participant said, “It was a great way to be introduced to others within the building as I did not know anyone in the area. I also enjoyed getting to know about other things that Greener Kirkcaldy does in the surrounding area.”
“A huge thanks to DMDesign for this fantastic donation. This is a very great addition to the range of support we can offer the people who use our services. We already have loads of ideas in the pipeline.” Said Jacqueline Nugent, LinkLiving Service Delivery Manager.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying a New Suit

Almost every man will own a suit at some point in his life. Many things can go wrong when shopping for a suit. You’ll need to make endless journeys to the changing rooms before getting the right one. Here are the biggest mistakes you should avoid in your search for the right suit.

Paying No Attention to the Shoulders

Very many people overlook the shoulders when trying on a new jacket. Shoulders are one of the most challenging parts of a suit to adjust, so you should be looking to get it spot-on off the rack. If it fits across the shoulders, but the rest of the jacket is too loose, that’s okay because some simple tailoring will fix the problem.

After wearing a new jacket, lean against a wall. The shoulder pad and your shoulder should touch the wall together. If the pad touches the wall first, then the jacket’s shoulders are too big. The seam of the sleeve should rest on the edge of your shoulder. If it’s longer or sits lower than your shoulder, then it’s too big. If it’s hiked up along the shoulder bone, it’s too small.

Wrong Sleeve Length

The length of the sleeves is often overlooked. Too short sleeves will create a comical look. Too long sleeves create the perception that the jacket is too big and make you look sloppy. The jacket sleeve should allow half an inch of your shirt cuff to be seen.

Too Tight or Too Wide Jacket Waist

The sides of your suit shouldn’t make a vertical line. There should be a taper that darts into the waist and gradually bells out to your hips. Jackets usually come pre-tapered. Make sure the narrowest part hugs your body and is in line with the middle button of a three-button suit or the top button of a two-button one. This will help emphasize the V shape silhouette. You should be able to fasten the jacket at the waist without much pressure.

A jacket that’s too wide will go straight down from the sleeves and create an unflattering silhouette. One that’s too tight will create an X effect as a result of too much stretching or pulling when fastening.

Ignoring Jacket Length

Altering the length of a jacket requires a lot of reconstruction by a tailor. For that reason, you should pay attention to the length when trying on a new suit. If it’s too long, it will make your torso look disproportionate to your legs.  This is something that you don’t have to worry about if you measure yourself and staring to rent suits online!

As a rule of thumb, the jacket’s back length should be approximately equivalent to the length from the base of the back part of your shirt collar to the floor. Another good way to get the right length is by letting your arms hang naturally by your side. The jacket should completely cover your backside and end around your thumb’s middle knuckle.

Not Understanding the Materials

Many men simply purchase a suit based on the pattern and color they want and don’t take the type of material into consideration. To make the best fabric choice, you should consider what you’re wearing the suit for.

For a work BBQ or summer wedding, lighter materials like lightly woven cotton and linen are ideal. A 100% wool suit will make you greatly uncomfortable at these events. An excellent way to identify lighter material is by holding the fabric against the light. If you can see through it, you’re good to go. If you’re buying the suit for an event in the winter, choose thicker materials such as wool and cotton.

Too Much Trouser Length

If you buy trousers that are too long, all the excess material will gather at the bottom. As a result, you’ll have unsightly folds and crumples around your ankle area.

To choose a suitable trouser length, pay attention to the break. The break essentially refers to how your trousers will fold at your ankle area. The best options to go for are the medium/half break and the no break.

With the medium or half break, the trousers will sit halfway down the back of your shoe and create one fold at the front. Anything longer than that will make your trousers look baggy. With the no break, currently a popular trend, the trousers end at the top of the back of your shoe without creating any visible fold at the front. This creates a cleaner silhouette and makes your legs look longer. Anything higher than this can make the trouser legs look too short.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you’ll get that perfect suit that not only improves your appearance but also makes you feel comfortable and confident.


Local MP hunting down the blockages in the sewer network

The Leader of Harrogate Council Richard cooper along with Andrew Jones AP went out to inspect blockages on the streets last Friday and they were not alone, Yorkshire Water’s engineers were seen helping them in their hunt.

In the last two years there were around 200 sewer blockages that were cleared and this thing made Harrogate a hotspot of sewer blockages. The wet wipes seemed to be the main culprit behind all the problems in the sewer network of Harrogate. These blockages are a reason that houses and gardens get flooded and, even pollute the becks and rivers.

Yorkshire Water is running an awareness campaign in the area telling people about the items that could be flushed easily and those that are unflushable. The campaign stresses on 3Ps down the loo-that is pee, poo and paper. They will be conducting education sessions at the schools, advising people through text messages and talk about the problems that canbe caused by unflushables.

Last Friday Andrew Jones MP and Cllr Cooper joined Network Engineers Oliver Escreet and Andy Dignam who hunt for blockages on Yorkshire’s sewer network and help keep it maintained. The visit involved putting a CCTV camera down the sewer to see if there were any blockages and check for any defects. Oliver and Andy also talked through their high tech kit and what they do to help keep sewers flowing in Harrogate.

It was announced by Yorkshire Water that they will be spending 1.1 million on a specialist team that will maintain the region’s sewers. The new 22-strong team will always be there to overcome any problem with the sewer network and clear up all the blockages using high the gadgets, high pressure water sprays and suction pumps. The specialist team will be comprised of highly trained professionals and they will boost Yorkshire Water’s abilities to protect local businesses, watercourses and households.

Lee Pitcher, Head of Waste Water Services at Yorkshire Water said: “The sewers of Harrogate have been getting blocked up with allsorts; flushable wet wipes, thick toilet paper, fat, sanitary items, bricks and even a plank of wood! We proactively check on problem areas such as the street we visited with Andrew Jones MP and Cllr Richard Cooper where we’d previously found a plank of wood down a manhole. However we can’t keep an eye on everything that goes in our sewers and that’s why we’re asking residents to help us keep them running clear and blockage free to reduce pollution and flooding incidents.”

Andrew Jones MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough said “It was very interesting learning more about what Oliver and Andy do on a daily basis to protect homes from flooding and watercourses from being polluted in Harrogate. After seeing how small sewers actually are its inevitable that wet wipes and other unflushable items could cause a serious problem very quickly if they build up. We can all play our part to help protect our homes, gardens and the local environment by not flushing wet wipes, sanitary items and rubbish down the loo.

“It was great to see the advanced technology that Yorkshire Water is using to find these blockages and help minimise disruption when fixing these sorts of issues.

Business Services

How to Pick a Web Host

A web host is what connects your website to the internet, allowing people to visit your domain name and website. There are a ton of web hosting companies to choose from, which can get overwhelming. Here’s what you want to look for when picking a web host.

Types of Hosting Plans

As you begin your search for the right web host, you’re going to come across a few different types of plans, including:

Dedicated Servers: A dedicated server is a good choice for a large website with a lot of traffic. You’ll get extra features that you can pick and choose from. These plans have higher price tags, but you get a lot out of them, too.

Individual: Individual plans, also sometimes called shared plans, tend to be the least costly. You’ll get a web host to support one domain and you’ll have a few basic features included. This is a good option if you don’t need a bunch of storage and if you don’t expect to have a lot of traffic at the beginning.

Reseller: A reseller account is sort of a combination of a dedicated server and an individual plan. You can create several individual plans within one reseller account. This is a good idea if you’re going to be running multiple websites at once.

For more hosting solutions, visit

Storage and Bandwidth

Small websites can get away with choosing basic plans that offer a limited amount of storage and bandwidth. However, as you scale your website, you’ll want to know that you can upgrade to the next plan as soon as you need to. Today, many web hosts also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.


One of the best ways to determine if you’ll have a positive experience with a web host is to read customer reviews. Look for reviews from past customers as well as current customers. Pay attention to repeat complaints, because odds are you’re going to deal with the same issues. You can also reach out to website owners to find out about their experience with their host.


If you opt for an individual plan, you’ll be able to find a host with very affordable rates. Dedicated servers and reseller accounts cost a bit more. Whatever you do, don’t go for a free web host. While it may sound great to not have to pay anything, the host may not be reliable (which could cause problems on your website) and you could find out that you need to have ads for the host or third-party companies on your site.

Customer Service

It’s important to choose a web host that offers 24-7 customer service. If your website crashes outside of normal business hours, you’re not going to want to wait until the next day to get it back up and running. Find out how you can access customer support, too. If you’re often on-the-go, you’ll want to know you can email them or use a mobile app to contact them wherever you are.

WordPress Support

Today, most websites are created with Make sure that your web host offers script support for WordPress websites, which will make it easy to get setup quickly. If you choose another website platform, double-check with your host that they’re able to support it.

Understanding the various types of web hosts and add-on features available, combined with knowing exactly what you need for your website, will help you narrow down your choices and pick the right host for your site.

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How to Shop at a Foreign Store Online

There may come a time when you see a beautiful item online only to find that it’s available only from a foreign retailer that does not take your form of credit card. This can be annoying and frustrating considering the fact that many items overseas are cheaper than what you’d find here in the states or UK. Thankfully, there is something known as a concierge shopping service that will actually place your order for you and ship it to you so that you don’t have to deal with currency conversion.

What is a Concierge Service?

With a concierge service, their team of shoppers will order any item online for you using their own currency. Once they receive your order, they will offer you several shipping methods and your product will be delivered to your front door. Instead of trying to convert currency or forgo buying the product altogether because it is impossible for you to buy, the company takes care of the headache for you and you still receive the item you’ve been wanting to purchase.

How Does it Work?

First, you’ll need to have the URL to the specific product you’d like to purchase and give information to the concierge service about the color, type or size that you need in that specific item. Once they have all of the details, they will place the order for you and it will be delivered to their office. Once they receive the item, you’ll be alerted and can choose a shipping method that best fits your needs and budget. Next, they’ll pack up the item securely and discreetly in order to ship it to your home. Depending on your shipping mode, you’ll receive the item in a matter of just a few days.

Additional Fees?

Because you are essentially using a middle man to order your items, you should expect an additional fee on top of the price of the product you’re buying. All concierge services are different, so the price you pay depends on which one you choose. You’ll also have to pay for the shipping itself because the concierge company is spending their own money to deliver the item to your home. While the additional fees can be quite substantial at times, you’ll still enjoy having access to foreign items you wouldn’t be able to buy otherwise. If you’re saving money by purchasing overseas, the price you pay for concierge shopping will still make the item cheaper than what you’d pay either in the U.S. or in the United Kingdom.

Fine Print

Before you make use of the first concierge company you find, do your research. There are a lot of scam companies out there that require payment upfront and never buy the product for you. This is unfortunate considering this type of service is both beneficial and needed by many people. Reading reviews can give you some insight into how good a company is before you choose to hire them.

You’ll also want to compare different companies’ fees to determine which one fits your budget the best. Certain companies are expensive and charge ridiculous fees that don’t make it worth it to buy overseas products. Others only charge a small fee to buy the item and then will charge you shipping to get the product delivered to you. Always make sure that you provide the concierge company with a full description of the product you want to buy because there have been many cases where a company ordered the wrong item because of a vague description and it turned into a lengthy return and reorder process.