Your next product launch could be your best ever with close line sales tools  

If you work at the product marketing team, then you’re responsible to launch all the new products. As the instances show that there are three coherent segments of launching product:

  • Pre-launch
  • Launch
  • Post-launch

How to make the product launch foolproof is a matter to be solved by any efficient sales community like Close line.

Pre Launch  Phase

Before you launch any product, getting a close look to the product is very important. Join the team whenever they go for testing users’ choice. Chat with them to know more about the difficulties they have stumbled over and how they could clear out the problem. Understand more about the product logic and philosophy. If you are not familiar with the products and their space, you may have to face a ton of questions.

You should summarize who might be your target audience. Talk with the expert team members of Close line how they could deal with the challenges they met, and ended with closing sales lines. You need to be calculative and pushy with the preset-goals. It is more challenging in case of new product without any yardstick. Take time to make the market ready for the product you are going to sell.

Launch Phase

This phase is shorter than the pre-launch phase.  It takes 1-7 days, depending on your necessity to cover the areas and the people. As you set up to move on launching, you need to stay focused on the implementation. Be ready to kindle the passion in the buyers and prepared to put out the fires of anger or irritation of the potential clients for the successful conversion.

You should identify the channels that will take you to the right audience. Pick one main channel to support your product or a community that is product centric to influence others. On the day of launch, reach out the team generally organize by Close line and match up a meeting with the team. Use some signals of marketing to have a hottest lead to sale up your products and services.

Even if your launch isn’t a live event, make it an occasion. Strive to grab in-person element which will help you to extend your launch still further.

Post Launch Phase

You will reach many people at the end of your launch, but it often takes a number of contact points before someone is won over to buy your products or start a trial. Here, be sure that you never give up continuing to move the folks who’ve showed interest to buy your product.

Beyond that, you can make a big changeover impact by setting a few calls with your touch points to build up confidence in them to love your product with great infatuations.

Once you’ve launched your product, get a little more time to explore the results. Look over the areas where your drive succeeded and where failed.  From your preceding successes and failures, the things you have learnt are the key assets for the further development of sales career.

Make your way to the sales organization like Close line that never makes you fall, but makes you three times bounced in the coming days.

Business Services

Why Should My Small Business Invest in Custom Made Labels?

It can be hard to start a small business in today’s world. Every industry has competitors fighting for consumer bases and wants to succeed, but not all win the battle. Are you starting a small business and looking for a way to stand out from the crowd of competitors that do business within your industry? Custom made labels are a great way to spread your brand, impress potential buyers, and feel proud about your product!

Custom Made Labels to Spread your Brand

Word of mouth is huge for small businesses, especially ones that are just starting up. Your first customers are going to be people that you know. But you know that you can’t just live on profits received by word of mouth. You want to get your brand out into the world so that individuals who aren’t aware of your products know that your business exists. But how do you do that? Custom made labels aren’t your average home printed labels. They are unique to you, your brand, and your product. This means that if you choose a design that is unique and genuine to your business motives, it is likely to help spread the word of your business. Custom made labels are a great way to showcase your company logo, which can work to build branding by instilling and image into the minds of potential buyers. Don’t let the opportunity for your brand to get off ground go to waste. Invest in custom made labels to give your product a fighting chance against competitive markets.

Custom Made Labels to Impress Potential Buyers

Are you looking for a way to stand out on the shelf or increase your customer base? A standard printed label won’t do that for you! Only custom made labels are going to give you the genuine and unique look that will help to attract customers and get them to believe that your brand is better than a competitor’s. Custom made labels allow you to include information that you want and need so that potential buyers are more informed and concurrently more likely to trust your product over the next. Custom made labels allow you to include what you want: the mission of your brand and company, transparent information, and brilliant artwork. All of these characteristics offer a consumer first impression that won’t be attained with your average label.

A Label you can be Proud of

Your new business or products should be displayed well since you have worked hard to get where you are today: opening your doors to profit. Custom made labels allow you to show off the pride you have in your work. Labels are the cherry on top of your new product. Letting a useful branding tool go to waste won’t start your business off on the right foot. Custom made labels are an investment; just as any other money you have utilized to start your small business. Deciding to invest in custom made labels means investing into the pride that you have for your company.

Ready for Custom Made Labels?
Are you ready to invest in your small business’ future by choosing to utilize custom made labels? Choose a business that has been developing effective, quality, and beautiful labels for over 30 years. Blue Ribbon Tag and Label offers custom made labels for a number of different products and industries. Our design team can help transfer any vision that you have for your labels into reality so that your product gives off the feel that you want to portray. Check out a list of products and services that we offer for many different kinds of businesses on our website. Need a quote? Get a free, no obligation quote today by calling (954) 922-9292 or reaching out to us through our website.


Save lives with fire safety signs and other measures


Fire is a serious threat to all businesses and one that can cause complete devastation. It is vital that steps are taken to promote fire safety, which will involve reducing the chance of one occurring and also educating everybody on how to act in case of fire.

For businesses in all industries, fire safety is incredibly important. It is unfortunate, but fire is an enormous hazard and one that each year kills or seriously injures individuals and can also destroys buildings, equipment and stock. The destruction that fire causes can completely end a business, so steps must be taken to reduce the risk of one occurring and also educate everybody onsite on how to act in case a fire breaks out.

There are also regulations in place that must be followed or you could face a fine or possibly jail time. The employer or owner is responsible for fire safety – this involves carrying out risk assessments of the premises, telling employees about the risks you have identified and putting in place appropriate safety measures. It is also your responsibility to plan for emergencies and provide employees with instruction and training.

Here are a few tips for increasing fire safety in the workplace:

Fire Safety Signs

One of the quickest and most succinct ways to educate everybody onsite on how to prevent a fire and act in case one breaks out is with fire safety signs placed around the building. These signs are universally recognisable and people will take on their message immediately, which will enable them to act quickly. These signs should mark which doors are fire doors, where the fire exits are, no smoking signs and sheets that explain the different extinguishers.


It is essential that you have equipment to promote fire safety and this equipment should be regularly checked. This will include fire extinguishers, alarms and sprinklers. Fire doors are also an excellent way to slow the spread and this could allow emergency services to arrive and extinguish the flame before it causes too much damage.

Emergency Plan

You must have an emergency plan for what to do in case of fire. This will include all employees immediately taking a safe route to a designated area outside that is a safe distance from the building where you will then take a head count. This emergency plan should be tested every few months.


To prevent a breakout, you should ensure that electrical appliances are switched off at the end of the day, that circuits are not overloaded and that damaged electrical cords are replaced. You should also keep workspaces free of flammable materials and keep heat producing equipment away from anything that could burn.

These are just a few steps that all businesses should take to increase safety in the workplace. Fire is one of the biggest threats that a business faces as it can cause complete devastation and cost lives – therefore, it is vital that everything is done to prevent this.


Winding Watch Safes

Collections are precious gems of the collector’s tenacity, perseverance and hard work. Whether you dally in exquisite art, rare artifacts or elegant watches and jewelry–a true collector knows the value of his pieces and wants to protect them. Most members of the haute horology culture would agree that a safe is the best bet of keeping their valuables secured.

Why Use A Watch Winding Safe?

Whether you wish to protect your complication, dress or chronograph watches you should consider putting them in a safe that is specifically caters to handling luxurious items such as high-end watches. But why use watch winders? In this day and age, most watches have automatic watch winders. They rely on the motion of the owner throughout the day to wind them. This scenario is perfectly fine if you own only one watch. However, for the person who is privileged to possess more than one of these beauties, a watch winder safe is a necessity rather than a convenience.

How Do They Work?

Watch winders can be custom made inside the safe of your choice. They can either run on batteries or an electrical outlet. You then attach your watches to them. As mentioned before, self-winding watches depend on the movements of their owners to wind them up. Therefore, if the watch isn’t being worn, then it will eventually run out of power. You would then have to reset the watch and all of its particular accessories. A watch winder eliminates this inconvenience because it mimics the movements of the wearer. It keeps the unworn watch wound up and ready to be worn at a moment’s notice!

Are They Safe To Use?

Your watch cannot be overwound by using a watch winder. Automatic watches are engineered with a device that prevents them from being wound too tightly. Your watch winder won’t be damaged either because after about 30 minutes of tuning up your timepiece, it will shut down. Your watches won’t suffer because 30 minutes of motion is all that is needed per day to stay wound.

What Are The Brands?

Not all safes with watch winder technology are the same. You have to consider the durability of the product, its design and practicality. For many collectors, the price is worth it–considering what they protect. Most importantly, does the system keep my watches precisely on time? Here is a brief listing of two brands of safes that offer this amenity.

  • Stockinger– Stockinger has been in the luxury safe business since 1978. They custom make your safes and cabinets to your specifications. That means that your safe can blend in with the decor of your bedroom! The inside is special as well–their Sattler-Beluwo tech will ensure that your watch winder will keep your watches in perfect working order.
  • Casoro– Casoro offers custom made safes that feature either their interval or advanced types of watch winder mechanics. The interval tech allows the watch to mimic the wearer’s movements, while the advanced tech allows the owner to set up how many times the winder will turn the watch per day! Both of these kinds of watch winders can operate on either AC or DC power sources.

If you only own one watch, then quite naturally, you don’t need a safe that has a watch winder feature. The hard-core collector would be hard-pressed not to secure her wonderful watches in a safe that will not only keep them secure, but running in tiptop form whenever she needs them.



Three Solutions to Overseas Business Roaming Charges

With the increasing use of smartphones and smart devices as productivity tools, companies had to deal with cases of exorbitant roaming charges after employees travel overseas for business reasons. In some instances, the shock comes from undetermined charges brought by unmonitored data usage.

Maintaining employee connection across the ocean while avoiding a buildup of telecom expenses may seem unavoidable but there are solutions to this costly dilemma. Controlling data usage while optimizing employee productivity is possible through a telecom expense management program.

Companies looking for a way to manage expenditures should seek a solution that offers a perfect balance. These three solutions to overseas business roaming charges should be part of that expense management program.

User Analytics

One cost saving solution is to go into the root of the problem by identifying what causes these additional roaming fees. While this involves monitoring user behavior and site trends, great care should be taken to avoid encroaching into employee privacy. Management programs have achieved this balance by looking at user behavior trends. Apps and sites which are proven to be high-risk are immediately flagged and identified. Collated information from all company-issued tablets and smart devices could also help provide a broader perspective on data roaming user trends and expenses.

Data Usage Cap

To avoid curtailing employee productivity and performance, access to data must not be completely restricted but managed. One way of doing this is to set up a usage cap to restrict data consumption to a certain number of gigabytes per billing cycle. When that particular usage level has been reached, notifications are sent out to inform management and to remind the employee to slow down consumption.

Another solution is to block access to data intensive and high-risk URLs or domains from any company smart device. This fulfills two purposes. Aside from preventing unnecessary fees from being charged to the corporate account, this block function proactively prevents a host of issues from occurring. Through this feature, an intrusive cyber threat can be identified before causing real damage.

Data Compression

Data compression provides another solution to address questionable roaming charges. This feature automatically reduces data volume by a certain percentage when activated. Through compression, a high definition video or a high-resolution photo are converted in real time into a mobile optimal format before streaming.

Enforcing a strict compliance policy on smartphone use provides another level of assurance to management. It is important to ensure employees with company smartphones or tablets are aware of the protocols covering usage while on business travel. A feature alerting employees of a new device policy as well as a potential compliance breach should be considered when choosing the right management program. From the administrator’s end, the program should also afford that flexibility to update settings when enforcing a new company policy. Moreover, it should allow administrators to switch settings to fit a specific device or geographic location.

A 2014 report from Juniper Research provided a valuation of revenues earned by telecom operators from overseas roaming. According to the firm, global figures could reach nearly $90 billion by the year 2018, representing a significant jump from actual figures of $57 billion in 2014. Growth in data consumption will drive the increase in revenue numbers, the research noted.

In any data-driven business, overseas roaming charges could potentially pile up with unmonitored use. However, a telecom management solution could help curtail these expenses without compromising employee performance, mobility, and work efficiency.



Transform Your Boring Office with Canvas Prints

Do you have an office? Congratulations! That means not only do you have a job, you probably have kind of an important one. Obviously, you’ll need to decorate the space appropriately–there’s nothing more depressing than walking into an office that lacks a personal touch. But if you’re confounded when it comes to decor or you’re just not making that much money, yet, there’s a perfect option out there for you. They’re called canvas prints and they’re just what they sound like – photos printed on canvases traditionally used for painting.

It’s kind of a wonderful invention because it allows for so much more creativity and freedom when it comes to office decor. You can put literally any photo you want onto a canvas print, and given the number of online companies that have sprung up to meet the demand, not only can you create something without leaving your desk, you have a lot of choices which ensures you’ll be able to find something of quality. Obviously, you’ll need to stay within the bounds of propriety, so the “Fight Club” fan art is something you should avoid, but here are few other options that might get your creative juices flowing.

Treat Your Kids Like the Artists They Are

Lots of parents have had their kids’ art framed and used it for actual interior decor, and it’s a genius idea for an office. It will have everyone oohing and aaahing over the adorable, though possibly unidentifiable, pictures on your wall. Many people have been framing their children’s art for years, but that can be costly. If you print them on canvases, not only will you save money, you can also make new creations out of multiple pieces. It’s a lovely idea, both sentimental and attractive.

With the magic of Photoshop, you can scan your kids’ art into the program, make cool mash-ups of several different pieces and have that put onto a canvas print. It’ll save you some hassle and who knows? You might come up with some really neat arrangements you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Make Your Office Your Portfolio

If you’re a graphic designer or perhaps an illustrator of some kind, your office should serve as your portfolio. You can have your own work displayed on the walls as you take client meetings. Probably best to mix it in with some of your other favorite artists so you don’t look conceited, but printing your work on canvas will allow you to display what you’re capable of on a large, but subtle scale.

If you can source the best canvas printing for the lowest cost, you could probably invest in a few pieces to impress clients who come visit your office. Check online at companies like Canvas HQ Prints and peek to see what examples they have of canvas art for business if you still need more ideas.

Bring the Outside Inside

We’ve all had those Instagram moments when we just knew we’d created magic with a photo of a sunset and the Hefe filter. You probably have a few photos on your feed that you’d love to have blown up and framed, but unless photography is a hobby of yours, that process is not easy.

With canvas prints, however, that problem is a thing of the past. If you already like to be outdoors, using nature to decorate your office will make you feel at ease and comfortable. If you don’t have a window and get really depressed around midday, having a large scale print that’s a photo of a place you’ve actually been could improve your mood here and there.


What Should I Do If My Internet Connection Is Slow?

Slow Internet

There’s nothing more annoying that a slow Internet connection. As technology has advanced, we’ve become accustomed to a quick loading Internet, and anything less than lighting speed can leave a sour taste in our mouths.

If you’ve noticed that your Internet connection has suddenly slowed down, try these troubleshooting options to see if it’s something you can fix yourself, before calling your Internet provider.

1. Turn your modem and router off and on

Sounds simple, but most problems can usually be fixed by just turning it on and off. Reset your modem and router and see if that fixes the problem. Usually you’ll find that the Internet will speed right up again. It’s also a good idea to check any other computers in your home to see if they’re being affected by the slow internet; if they are, then it’s likely to be an issue with the modem or router. If they’re not, then it’s probably your computer.

2. Check the WiFi signal

If you’ve noticed that your WiFi signal is slow, then the problem could be your WiFi, rather than the modem or router. There are a few things you can do to help improve this, including ensuring the router is out in the open, removing interferences from other applications and making sure that no one else is stealing your WiFi (make sure your password is secure!).

3. Check your antivirus software

Sometimes you can end up with an ‘Internet Worm’, a malicious software that spreads through computer networks. This can end up generating unwanted traffic without your knowledge, slowing down your internet connection. Make sure your antivirus is up to date, to keep these removed from your device.

4. Remove background applications

Often, they’ll be apps and games running in the background of your device, which will make the internet appear slower. If you’re using BitTorrent, you’ll likely find that browsing appears slower. Apps like AdBlock Plus can help to reduce some of these problems, which will speed up your Internet connection.

5. Call your internet provider

If you’ve done all of the above and your Internet is still slow, then it’s probably time to call your Internet provider. They should be able to help you and figure out what the problem is. If you’re unhappy with the service they are providing, then you might want to do some research and look to change your Internet provider to a more reliable option.


Business Building 101: Simple Strategies For Success

If business success is one of your primary professional objectives for 2017, now is the time to start planning. There are many techniques, systems, strategies, and tips you might reference for the purpose of making your business increasingly productive, profitable, and progressive in 2017. Here are several ideas you may want to consider as you move forward:

  1. Public Relations Services.

Public relations services can help take your business into a new dimension of excellence and efficiency in several ways. First, PR services help ensure that you can effectively interface with media reps such as journalists and bloggers. Being able to communicate with these people is immensely important because they play an integral role in disseminating information about your brand to the general public. Another great benefit of PR services is that they can be used to ensure that you are in continual contact with your target audience. Some of the PR services you may want to invest in include:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Editorial Placement
  • Desk Sides
  • Media Round Tables
  • Digital Placements
  • Press Kit Creation
  • Award List Monitoring
  • Media Relations
  • Product Placement
  • Content Creation
  • Press Collateral
  • Grassroots Marketing
  1. Utilize Signage Services.

Another business technique you can use to facilitate growth in 2017 is utilizing signage services. These services function as a marketing tool that can be used to enhance the brand recognition process while also generating buzz about your brand in the local community. Companies like Priority Sign are pleased to offer clients customized signage services that work. Contact us now at to learn more.

  1. Put Employee Development First.

In addition to utilizing signage services, make sure that you put employee development first. This approach will help ensure that you have the most talented, efficient people working on your behalf. There are many ways that you can expedite and optimize the employee development process. One is by providing people with incentives for optimal performance, such as offering free trips and bonuses for individuals who exceed sales goals. Another great employee development technique you might want to employ is sending your staff members to trainings and workshops where they can sharpen their skill set and be exposed to new methodologies which will keep them up to date regarding contemporary developments in their field.

Start Building Your Business Now!

Now is the time to think about what steps you need to take for the purpose of optimizing company growth in 2017. Use the tips outlined above to keep your organization on the road to outstanding expansion this year!



The professional household services that can help you in an emergency!

A lot of times, you get your property or get a new house, and you plan millions of things that you are going to do with it. Some people think of constructing a pool on their new property, some think of having a gaming room in their new house Etc. However, amidst all these plans and things, most people forget about taking measures for damage control. Whether it is because you have got a case of mold, water damage, or roof leaks Etc. these are emergency situation in which you need help as soon as possible. Immediate solution can be provided to you by  Companies that repair properties when they have suffered fire damage or there is a flooded basement Etc.

Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of the professional services that these damage control and repair companies provide to their commercial as well as residential customers and clients.

Ø Upholstery cleaning:

No matter how hard you try to clean your office or your house there are some stains that just refuse to come out. Your office is a place where all the furniture, rugs, curtains Etc. need to look spot free and stain free. If we talk about the upholstery of your house, same rules apply. But sometimes, you can face issues like stubborn stains, while cleaning these things. This is why the professional upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning companies offer you their expert services. These professional companies will clean any and all spots on your rugs and carpets and you will be left with a clean and clear, fresh smelling upholstery.

Ø Fire damage to your property:

A lot of times, while there is some construction taking place, there are many things that can happen accidentally.  One of these things is a fire. In can be a situation that while the construction is taking place, some things might catch fire and cause major damage to your property. Sometimes, the smoke can cause a lot of damage to the house as well. To repair all that damage caused by fire, smoke Etc. you will need the help of professional fire damage repair companies.

Ø Water damage repair:

A lot of times, people suffer from flooded house or basement due to some storm or some damage to the water pipe system Etc. what happens is that the water gets into the basement and causes a havoc. The only solution you have in such an emergency situation is to get the help of the professionals.

Ø Mold damage cleanup:

The damage that mold can cause to your house is very much uncontrollable. The immediate solution to getting hold of the mold situation is to call in for the help of professional mold care takers. They will take care of this problem for you and your house will be Mold free when the professional team is through with it.

These are just a few ways in which damage to your property can be controlled with the help of professionals.




The Biggest Benefits of a Waterless Car Wash

Are you getting ready to wash your car?

You may be thinking about going the traditional route and using soap and water to wash down your vehicle.

While this is certainly an effective way to clean your car, it’s not necessarily the best way to make this happen.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a lot easier to clean and wax your car when you’re using waterless wash and wax cleaning products.

According to Aero, waterless wash and wax online product vendor, “Wash Wax ALL can be used two ways: as a “waterless wash,” by spraying it directly on the dirty surface, and then wiping it off, or it can be used as a “wax as you dry” product.”

Why is this better?

Well, you get to clean and wax your car at the exact same time. So you’re going to save yourself hours of time and you won’t even need to buy additional wax.


But this is only one of many benefits of the waterless car wash.

To help you understand the true power of this car cleaning method, we will share other important benefits with you now.

Saving Water

On average, when you wash a vehicle at home or in a car wash, you are going to waste around 20 to 50 gallons of water for each vehicle being washed.

In many parts of the US, we are constantly experiencing droughts. So it might not be a good idea to regularly wash your car and waste water. This is especially true now that there is a much better alternative.

In fact, we recommend a waterless wash because you’ll never have to waste a single drop of water this way.

And this is great for two reasons:

  •         you don’t have to waste a single drop of water
  •         you’ll save money on your water bill

Clearly, this is one powerful benefit to using waterless wash and wax products instead of washing your car with water.

Saving Time

We all lead busy lives.

We have to get the kids to school, ourselves to work, we have to pick the kids up from school or be home to make sure that somebody’s there to get them off the bus, and we have to do a million other things throughout the day.

Do you really have so much free time that you can separately wash and wax your car?

For most of us, it would be a miracle if we could find the time to do even one of these things.

Life has gotten a lot easier now that waterless washing and waxing products are readily available.

You’re going to save a ton of time cleaning and waxing your car this way.

The old way requires you to wash your car first, dry it, and then apply the wax.

The new way is better because you don’t have to dry your car since you aren’t using any water, and you are cleaning and waxing it at the exact same time.

If you’re looking to save time, a waterless car wash is definitely the way to go.

Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning


Your car gets a much more thorough cleaning during a waterless car wash as opposed to washing the traditional way.

How so?

The solution will remove much more than dirt. It will also remove tree sap, bugs, scuff marks, and more.

Before you know it, your car is going to look completely immaculate, shiny, and 100% spick and span.


You can continue wasting time, money, and water by washing your car the traditional way. Or you can take advantage of the benefits of a waterless car wash.

We prefer the second option and hope you will too.